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Mary DA

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Ballet

This occupation is form of dance and art expressed through movement.
Ballet as an Occupation
From age 3 to about 14, I considered ballet to be meaningful to me. (play)
At around age 15, ballet became more competitive at my studio, so ballet was more work to me than anything else.
Sequence of Ballet
-First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

Warm up at the bar
Routines in the center of the room
Point work (if you are on point)

Each Routine focuses on the specific area of the body or dance that needs work.

Materials and Equipment
Dance studio
-Made of wood or linoleum
-Front wall should be covered with mirrors
-Along one wall there should be two bars to give you support in the bar exercises

-Leotard and tights
-Ballet shoes with elastics
-Hair pulled back
-Boys usually wear a white shirt with black leggings or tights.



Movement has to match with the music.

Rhythm is very important, especially when you are dancing with a partner or in groups

Practice can take up to 3-4 hours everyday for a week depending on the level you're at.

Warm up at the bar usually takes 30 minutes at the most.

Usually, practice for an end of year recital that occurs in June will start after Christmas

There is really no age limit to learning the basics of ballet
Space Demands
Large and spacious studio or building with no furniture and room to move around.

Usually the studio is separated from the other rooms in the building so there are no interruptions during class.

Mirrors have to be in front or around you in order to correct any bad placement

The ground should be able to permit you to move and land softly after a jump
Social Demands

Ballet involves interaction between the choreographer and the dancer or dancers almost every practice

Communication is also between a dancer and their partner

Ballet can be competitive... especially with acceptance into certain companies.
Personal Context
Higher percentage of females participating usually, but it is becoming more common for males to participate

People will dance from age 3 to 80 or even older. It all just depends on if you are able to move fluently.

Most common age to start Ballet is around age 4. Intense training starts around ages 8-12

Ballet is not a cheap hobby.
Toe tape
Ballet started during the Italian Renaissance which later spread to France

Catherine de' Medici made ballet more of a high end entertainment and was the one to introduce ballet to France.

Ballet became popular in Russia around the 19th century. This is when those familiar ballets like Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty came in to place

The Tutu was introduced near this time to reveal a ballerina's legs and the difficulty of the footwork.
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