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Solar Energy

Solar Energy by Carolyn Brouard and Alex O'donnell.

Carolyn Brouard

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Solar Energy! Solar Energy is energy from the sun's Solar Radiation. Solar Energy is a renewable energy source. From 1860-1881 Auguste Mouchout created the first motorized machine to run on Solar Energy. Since then, many scientists worked on Solar Energy, and today we use Solar Energy to run many different electrical projects. Solar Energy can be found where ever the sun shines, and it's by far the Earth's most available energy source. You can recover it by using Solar Panels. Solar Energy is stored by Battery Banks and Grid Inter-Tie. Solar Energy is released by using electricity in buildings. Solar Energy can be used today in homes, Industrial Applications, Water Pumping, lighting, heating in the Developing World, Central Power Stations, even Commercial Buildings.

Solar Energy has many advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it saves you money. More advantages are; it's enviromentally friendly, and low maintenance. Disadvantages are that it's expensive to install Solar Panels, you must have sunlight to use the Solar Energy, and it's slower. Solar Energy is good for the enviorment. It releases no gasses into the air, causing no negative reaction.
Some day, maybe, in the near future, possibly, Solar Energy might be our number one fuel resource. It's a commen topic of energy scientists that the entire country, and possibly world will be running on Solar Energy. It is good for our enviorment, and it'll have a positive effect on "Global Warming" Solar Energy makes plants grow, it gives Vitamins to animals and humans. It also provides light. Refrences: http://www.newthoughtgeneration.com/2009/04/facts-about-solar-energy/ http://www.solarbuzz.com/applications.htm


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