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Supt. 15 Truck Orientation

No description

Tim Walsh

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Supt. 15 Truck Orientation

Supt 15 Front
Side Fusees
Top Handle Saw
Saw Parts
Fire Extinguisher Driver Side Middle Supt's Heavy Pack
Jet Boil
Spare Jet Boil Canisters
Spare Canteen Driver Side Rear Passenger Side Rear Medical Aid Gear
5-Minute Bag
Trauma Bag Supt's PPE, Chaps Passenger Side Middle Remained Locked at All Times!
Firing Equipment:
Stubbies, Pints, Pen Flares, Fusees Passenger Side Front Tree Throw Rope
Rope of Mistrust
Domar Bag/Domar Jack
Ear Plugs Passenger Top Box Driver Side Top Box Fireline Tape
Bolt Cutters Rear Compartment 16 Drip Torches
5-Gallon Jerry Can Straigh Gas
2 Rope Bags
Mini-Striker Pump
200' 1 1/2" Hose in Hose Bag
Supt. Spoon, Pounder, Brush Hook
2 Cases of MRE's
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