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Lorie AnnChii

on 3 September 2012

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INVESTIGATORY PROJECT REPORT Gumamela Extract as Perfume St. Alphonsus Catholic School
SY 2012- 2013 In this study, we intend to make homemade gumamela perfume. These days, prices of goods have been constantly increasing, and one of these goods is perfume. Perfumes are usually of higher price so this study can help people, especially women to save more. Instead of buying expensive onew, they can now try making their own perfume with the use of natural resources like gumamela petals. I. PROBLEM STATEMENT/ OBJECTIVE We can make our own perfume with the use of gumamela petals. II. HYPOTHESIS -Gumamela petals
-Ethyl Alcohol
-Piece of cloth III. MATERIALS
Firstly, place the gumamela petals in a piece of cloth and tie it up. Place it in a a pan filled with water and let it boil for a few minutes. When the boiling water turns into a reddish pink hue, take out the water and place it in another empty pan. Let it cool. When it is warm enough, put the water with the gumamela scent in a spray bottle. Add ethyl alcohol then shake. IV. PROCEDURE After a few procedures and experimentation, we've found out that a home-made gumamela perfume can be a good substitute for perfume. When boiling the wrapped gumamela petals in the water, it's juices came out and mixed in with the water, changing its color and giving out a gumamela flower scent on it. V. FINDINGS Therefore, we conclude, that boiling petals in water can take out its oils and scents to mix in with the water. Home-made gumamela perfume is definitely not hard to make and the scent of the home-made perfume can fairly catch up with expensive perfumes sold on commercial stores. VI. CONCLUSION We recommend to future researchers not to boil the gumamela petals without wrapping it with a piece of cloth because it will create a very foul smell instead. Do not boil it for a long time as well to avoid burnt smell on the water.
We also recommend to experiment trying on other flower's petals as well. VII. RECOMMMENDATIONS [http://www.blurtit.com/q4443314.html VIII. BIBLIOGRAPHY Lowela Suliano
Josel Arong
Romeo Pino
Rosemarie Gallo
Janel Soroñio
Larrain Santos
Jake Magdadaro
Paul Dangculos PREPARED BY Name of Teacher
Ms. Merry Christ P. Agrabio FIN Thank You!
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