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We are presenting a new job market to Eastern Europe

T Zsolt

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of JobLancer

Welcome to JobLancer.eu
In this tutorial we show how
can you start your journey in
the world of freelance.
Step 1
First of all you have to
REGISTER on the site!
Step 2
During registration you have to decide
your role on the site.

There is two main role types:
1. Service provider:

Service providers so called professionals
can bid on service auctions and they can
be awarded by the service buyer.
2. Service buyer:

Service buyers can post their jobs on the
marketplace by creating service auctions.
After auction was published providers can
place bids. When the auction has finished
the buyer can choose the most appropriate
bid and award it.
Step 3
After you completed the registration process you can
start using JobLancer.

After a successful login, service buyers can post jobs
and create auctions. For service providers it's recommended
to first of all create their public profile and select their skills, because otherwise they are not visible for service buyers publicly. After they published their public profile, they can start bidding on the most preferred auctions.

But remember, this is a reverse auction market, not always the highest bid is the winner, place your bids smart.
We wish you a productive browsing! Enjoy your stay at JobLancer.eu
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