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book report: half magic

No description

anthony f

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of book report: half magic

Book Review on
Half Magic Made by Anthony Fusco Author: Edward Eager
Book: Half Magic Main Characters Mark, Jane, Katharine and Martha. Mark Jane Martha Katharine follow the line Follow the line keep following the line Here is my book report Conflict The main problem that Jane, Mark, Katherine and Martha have is that they are always getting into trouble with every wish they make, they have the best intentions, but since they always get half of what they wish for, it makes it a lot harder to stay out of trouble. Summary This story is about four children named Mark, Jane, Katharine and Martha, they all want their lives to have more adventure in them. So, they go out to look for adventure. They walked along the streets and Jane finds a magic coin, but she doesn't know its magic yet, they all think its just a nickel. So Jane put it in her pocket and walked home with the rest of her siblings. They were unhappy that nothing ever went on in their lives that was fun and adventurous, Jane was so mad that she wished for a fire, suddenly the children heard sirens and saw firetrucks rushing by, they followed them to a house, with a burning tree house, they soon found out the the coin they found wasn't a nickel, but a magical coin the grants half of what you wish for, later in the book they go on many different adventures with many different people. Resolution follow the line The resolution is that they had enough adventure and they decided that the were happy and they had all they needed, so they put the charm in the street so someone else could have some adventure too. What I thought about this book This book was very amusing and exiting, I think people of all ages would like this book. I never wanted to put this book down, there were no parts that were boring. Setting There wasn't a certain setting, the book takes place in many different places such as King Arthur's Court, the children's house, around the town and in the Arab Desert. follow the line Descriptive word Woebegone definition: A sad or miserable appearance Sequence 1. Jane finds the coin
2. Jane makes the first wish by an accident
3. the kids find out that the coin is magic
4. their mother gets the coin by mistake and wished she were home
5. Martha scared the whole town because she wished she wasn't there, everybody thought she was a ghost.
6. they meet Mr.Smith (soon to be their step father).
7. Jane was so mad about having a step dad that she wished she was in a different family.
8. Mr.Smith, Martha, Mark and Katherine go out looking for Jane
9. Jane becomes back to normal and decides that since Mr.Smith brought the kids home safely, that he would become a good step dad
10. they went to their mom's office to trying to convince her that the charm was real
11. Mr.Smith and the children's mother got married
12. the four children put the coin so someone else would find it, and someone else did Climax The most exiting part of the story is probably when they discover that the coin is magic because there are so many different things that they can do with a magical coin I hope you enjoyed my book report
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