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A-Z The Outsiders

No description

Ashley Nouss

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of A-Z The Outsiders

D is for Darry
A is for A's
Darry wants Ponyboy to get A's in school
B is for Bob
Bob was a soc he was stabbed by Johnny
C is for Cigarettes
The greasers would smoke cigarettes to look tuff
J is for Johnny
Darry was Ponyboy and Sodapop's big brother
F is for Fights
The greasers and the socs got in many fights.
Johnny was the group pet he was always very quite he also stabbed and killed Bob.
K is for Knife
L is for Leather jacket
All the greasers wore leather jackets to look tuff and to stay warm
H is for Hospital
Johnny was in the hospital after he was hurt in the fire
I is for Intelligent
A-Z The Outsiders
E is for East Side
The east side is where the greasers lived
G is for Greasers
greasers were the poor boys in the bad neighborhood
Darry was very smart but he dropped out of school to raise his brothers
All the greasers carried knives to protect themselves and others.
M is for Murder
Johnny murdered Bob while his friends tried to drown Ponyboy
N is for Nightmares
O is for Outsiders
Ponyboy was having nightmares for a while
Outsiders is the name of the book
P is for Ponyboy
Q is for Quite
Johnny was very quite most of the time
Ponyboy is the youngest greaser and ran away with Johnny
R is for Randy
Randy was Bob's best friend he saw Bob get killed.
S is for Sodapop
Ponyboy's other big brother Ponyboy looks up to Sodapop
T is for Two-Bit
Two-Bit was a greaser he was tuff
V is for Cherry Valance
Ponyboy's friend that goes to the same high school as him
W is for Windrixville
Windrixville is where Dally told Johnny and Ponyboy to ran away too
X is for X-ray
Johnny got an X-ray to see if he had any injuries from the fire
Y is for Yelling
Derry always yells at ponyboy but never sodapop
Z is for fuZZ
The Fuzz is what they call the police.
U is for united
The greasers were a united group of boys
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