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My self portrait =]


noemi guzman

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of My self portrait =]

My Self Portrait =] My sister Katrina My Dad My Parents My Sister Denise Josh Dena The girls =] My brother Jose My sister and i like to have fun so we put on fake mustaches =] My family is all about fun Brother-in-law Victor Abby I love the ocean and animals i love her face here =] I have 4 dogs 1 bird and 1 cat and fishes We paint her nails Abby Roxanne My family is crazy and outgoing Silly My lovely parents Jose and Barbara My Grandparents Dad's side Mom's side Reason why i can't put pictures of all my family up: Well there are just WAY TOO MANY people in my family
if i tried to even put all ther pictures up i would take up this whole class time it would take forever! =]

Lets just say on my fathers side my grandparents had 8 children who got married and had many kids on my mothers side my grandparents had many too =] so i wont take up anymore time =] We have about an estimated
245 family members on my mothers
And God knows how many
i have on my fathers side Riley Jayden Jessie Katherine Soon to me my Adopted little brother and sister All my dog's Peewee, Shely, Lucky, Abby Yes their that small And yes we put clothes on or animals
the have night clothes, dresses, scarfs, coats,
jackets, shirts etc... =) i didnt put the cat or the bird
because i didn't have pictures
of them in my computer. It was really that deep My casa I am Cuban/ Puerto Rican =) Cuba Puerto Rico Mother is Cuban Father is Puerto Rican
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