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AR Quiz at home

How to take an AR quiz

Brandon Maldonado

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of AR Quiz at home

Every student's AR progress can also be viewed at through our Home Connect site. The address for this site is:

Parents can log into this site using their child's lunch number and password.

Parents can also sign up to receive daily email reports of their child's AR progress. This can be done under the Email Setup link.
AR Home Connect
How can parents help?
Visit the WGES website:

Click on the Student menu and then select the Kids Corner link.

Click on the link for AR.

Select the "I'm a Student" box.

Enter your lunch number in the user name box.
Enter your school password in the password box.

Click the Login button.

Directions provided by
Brandon Maldonado
ICT Literacy Coach – Watergrass Elementary

How to take an
Accelerated Reader quiz
at home

Your progress in AR can be viewed at:
https://hosted123.renlearn.com/ 59614/HomeConnect

You will need your user name and password to log on.
No quizzes may be taken at home.
Home Connects
Click to see results
Click to see TOPS report

DO NOT click to Print unless your ELA teacher requests you to print the report. All information is saved in the program.
After taking a quiz
Take the quiz and score 100%
> Click “yes” if ready to quiz
> Select the appropriate quiz
Catching Fire
By Suzanne Collins
MG+ (6+)
ATOS 5.3
16.0 pts

132824 EN
On the inside cover of a book in JDMS’ library is a label with the quiz number. If you read a book not from our library, you can go to arbookfind.com to see if it is an AR book.
If searching by quiz number:
> Take a Reading Practice Quiz
> Accelerated Reader – Take a Quiz
Use to search JDMS’ media center catalog
Use to search AR’s database to see if book has a quiz
Two useful web sites
1. Log into DCPS
Open the Accelerated Reader internet site (pyramid icon) or use this web address:
Log into Renaissance Place as a Student*
* See your ELA teacher or Media Center staff if you do not remember your user name and/or password.
To begin:
Quizzes are also to be taken independently
(no book, no assistance).
> Select how you read the book
Search by Title, Author, or Quiz Number. Title searches require accurate spelling so entering a quiz number is easiest.
> Type in title, author, or quiz number
Click on "Start Working"
Locate your book using the Search box. You can search by title, author or quiz number.
Click on the Take Quiz button once you have located your book.

Click on "Reading Practice"
Select how the book
was read.
Click the Start Quiz
Answer each question in the quiz.

Remember to take the quiz without looking at your book!
Be sure to provide a
rating for the book.
Your final score is displayed at the end of the quiz. You can review any incorrect answers or click the Done button.
Select the Progress tab to view your point total and other information.
Select the Bookshelf tab to
view the books you have read.
Primary students should read their book two or three times before they take a quiz.
Every student should take each quiz on their own.
Read to your child – Reading every day will demonstrate how important it is to read.
Let your child read to you – Provide time for your child to read aloud daily. Be sure to provide encouragement and praise.
Parents may read the questions on a quiz, but the final answer should be reached by each student.
If you have any questions about taking an AR quiz from home, please
contact Mr. Maldonado.

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