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OAP - Real Time Assignments and Field Staff Monitoring

Project Overview, Face to Face Communication, Survey Results, and team overview.

Being Agile

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of OAP - Real Time Assignments and Field Staff Monitoring

By Digicon Valley Opportunity Analysis Project
SMART-FT - Real Time Assignments and Monitoring of Field Staff The application’s intent is to provide a platform to small, medium and large organizations to assign and monitor their field team’s activities by using a smart-phone application. This application will be integrated with a web-application which will facilitate the line managers and field teams controlling offices to properly utilize their field teams and get good & right performance from the resources. Project Overview Introduction
In order to calculate our market size we will need to calculate the growth in the GPS mobile which will be the main platform for our system. Then we will calculate the current Revenues of the existing companies in the market offering “Fleet Management”.
For The Mobile:
According to ReportLinker, Reuter and others GPS Market Forecast to 2013 it is projected that shipment of GPS devices will grow at a CAGR of more than 20% during 2011-2013 to reach around 900 Million units by 2013.

The number of subscribers of GPS-enabled location-based services (LBS) is anticipated to grow substantially in near future, with market revenue touching the mark of US$ 10 Billion by 2013.
Market Size Estimation GPS Devices There are no available dedicated reports covering the market size for the fleet management business. So as a work around we collected data about the four main giants companies in this domain and used it to estimate the market size.

The main four players in the Fleet Management Market are:

4.Labor Sync

TeleNave is the only company which publishes its revenue.
TeleNave generated US$ 50 Million by 2012 and expect to generate US$ 200 Million by 2013

Based on this fact we estimated that the total market size for fleet management software and service for the four main companies to be US$ 500 Million by 2013. Assumptions The total revenue of telcom secotr is $1.4 Trillions while based on the high growth in the GPS devices market which will reach total of 900 Million device in 2013, 10 Billion dollars of GPS related services and based on the estimated revenue of the four main companies in the “Fleet Management” service which is 500 Million we concluded that the market size for the “Field Employees Tracker” will be similar to the size of the “Fleet Management” although it is more generic so it should achieve a bigger market but as it is still a new business penetrating the market so we expected to have the same size of “Fleet Management” Conclusion Business Domain:

Business Category: Local/National/Multination

Business Formations:Single/Multiple

Number of Business Locations

Estimated No of Field Staff

Field Staff Working Time: Day Time/ Day and Evening/ 24 Hours

Office Staff Working Time: Day Time/ Day and Evening/ 24 Hours

How they currently monitor the field staff? Face to Face Interviews & Survey Analysis 1.Pharmaceutical Companies Marketing and Sales Staff Monitoring
2.News Reporters Interaction and Monitoring
3.Goods Delivery Teams Monitoring
4.Election Campaigns Monitoring
5.Key Staffs Arrival Monitoring on a Workplace
6.Doctors on the Way Monitoring
7.Arrival of a Meeting Participants on a Specific Location
8.Field Selling Staff Including Courier Services
9.Public and Private Transport Monitoring
10.Field Survey Teams Monitoring
11.Telecom Towers Maintenance Teams Monitoring
12.Bank’s ATM Machines, Cash Transfers, Backup Power Generators Maintenance Monitoring
13.Onsite Maintenance Teams Monitoring
14.Recovery Staffs Monitoring
15.Food Inspectors Monitoring
16.Tourist Teams Advisory and Monitoring
17.Disaster Management Teams Monitoring
18.Traffic and Patrolling Police Monitoring
19. Hotels Industry Business Domains
Planned and Surveyed The Digicon Valley's Team is geographically scattered and has performed the surveys in United States, Germany, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

Total Number of Surveys Performed: 10
Positive Responses: 7
Negative Responses: 2
Neutral Responses: 1 Survey Results Saudi Arabia: The controlling office is in Saudi Arabia while they have distribution network in Egypt. The pain area is they don't know and have no way to monitor their field staff in Egypt.
Issue: The field staff in Egypt is illiterate and don't have smart phone. The Real
Pain of Customers The initial concept to develop a generic application for field staff monitoring is seems to be not workable as every business have their own needs to capture the required information. So, the system need to be revised having the capabilities to configure the application according to required information paradigms.

Another major change in the initial concept is identified as an offline system is required which record the information in the areas where Internet on mobile phone is not working and publish the recorded information when Internet become available to the smart-phone.

The application also need to have an optional functionality to work through SMS along with or instead of mobile Internet connection. Lessons Learned
Mohamed Mamdouh System Architect
Muhammad Waseem Requirements Specification Analyst
Muhammad Musaab Mobile Phone Application Development
Abuzer Firdousi Web Application Development
Zohaib Hassan Web Application Development
Kashif Latif User Guides & Training Material Development
Nasir Ali Search Engine Optimization
Salman Majeed Search Engine Optimization
Sohail Zeeshan Business Infrastructure Management
Ricardo Vidal Technical Reviews
Mohamed Humer Ulla Khan Observer
Azhar Mateen System Coordinator Team Members Waseem is a leading team member providing the support for Requirements Analysis of DigiCon Valley mobile application. Waseem has done MBA & Bacheclors in Computer Sciences. He is working as Applications Specialist (Microsoft Domain) in UAE. A leading team member who is providing the support to develop the Digicon Valley's Mobile-application. Musaab did his bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Air University,Islamabad Pakistan in 2009. Beside the venture lab, he is working as an Electrical Engineer and Android Developer A brilliant team member who providing the support to develop the Digicon Valley's layout. Zohaib Hassan is doing Graduation at Virtual University. Beside the venture lab, he is doing a job and learing some professional skill in Web Development. A brilliant team member who providing the support to develop the Digicon Valley's layout. Kashif Latif is doing MBA in International Management from Macquarie University Sydney Australia. Beside the venture lab, he is doing a job in telecom sector. After completing his bachlor degree in computer sciences, Salman has started his career as freelance SEO consultant. He has a good grip on this field and providing his expert advise to Digicon Valley beside his customers. Founder of Tradia Corp., Canada, Nasir has master degree in computer sciences. He has participated in lot of traning courses regarding SEO. His expert review on team actvities are providing a great strength to move the team in right directions. Co-founder of MasterEyes and owner of two hotels in Delaware, Zeeshan has an MBA degree and serveral courses for customer care & hotels management.He is supporting the team with his brilliant business ideas. Ricardo Vidal has in Information and communication management from the University of Aveiro - Portugal. He did his European Project Semester and Master of Science (M.Sc.) Information Technology in University of Applied Sciences, Kiel - Germany. And now he is the part of Digicon Velly Team on a course in Technology Entrepreneurship online at Stanford University. Mobile Phone Application Web Application Web Application Survey Questionnaire Highlights The field staff has a smart phone? Yes/ No

Can the company can afford to provide the smart phone to field staff for monitoring their targets and assignments? Yes/No

Can the field staff can purchase the smart phone? Yes/No

Does the field staff capable enough to use a smart phone? Yes/ No

Continued... Can the company buy the service for monitoring their field staff? Yes/ No

If yes, would the company like to host the application on own hardware or will choose the hosted application? :Hosted/ Own Hardware

Business Overview

General Business Process

Key Problems

General Requirements of Staff Monitoring

Lesson Learned from the survey Survey Questionnaire Highlights ... Continued Team Members Team Members Team Members Team Members Team Members Muhammad Waseem Muhammad Musaab Abuzer Firdousi Zohaib Hassan Kashif Latif Nasir Ali Salman Majeed Sohail Zeeshan Ricardo Vidal A brilliant team member who providing the support as an Observer in Digicon Valley's team. Mohamed Humer has a bachelor degree in
Electrical Engineering and Serving an electric supply company in Saudi Arabia. Team Members Mohamed Humer Ulla Khan Having master degrees in business and computer sciences, he is backed-up by 21 years of deversified business & technologies experience. He is a Co-founder of ANSInet, iPass and MasterEyes and participating in Venture Lab course as System Coordinator. Azhar Mateen UAE: The delivery staff has a daily minimum sale target and an assignment to visit all the malls to check empty shelves and deliver the backery products. The delivery staff just achieve the minimum daily sale target and not care the assignment of visitng all the designated malls.
Issue: The company willing to get a ready solution and provide the smartphones to their staff. Staff is capable enough to use the smart phone but the company is not willing to participate in a pilot project or a custom developed solution. Pakistan: The marketing staff is not following the visit schedule and submitting a wrong target achieving report to the controlling office. The marketing staff has a liasoning with their destination point's staff who are verify that the staff has visited but actually they don't. The company feel helpless and lossing the potential business.
Issue: The marketing staff's destination points are in such locations where mobile Internet is not available and in some areas, mobile signals are weak. A brilliant team member who providing the support to develop the Digicon Valley’s web-application. Abuzer did his bachelor in computer science from GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2011. Beside the venture lab, he is learning the usability engineering and effective GUI designing. Business Domains Surveyed: 6

Business Category (Local/National/Multinational)
Local: 1
National: 4
Multinational: 5

Business Formations (Single/Multiple)
Single: 5
Multiple: 5

Business Locations
Below 20 Locations: 8
Between 20-100 Locations: 1
Above 100 Locations: 1 Survey Results No of Field Staff
Below 20 Persons: 2
Between 20-100 Persons: 5
Above 100 Persons: 3

Field Staff Working Time
Day: 3
Day/Evening: 6
24H: 1

Office Staff Working Time
Day: 7
Day/Evening: 2
24H: 1 Survey Results Field Staff has a Smartphone
Yes: 1
No: 7
Few Have: 2

Does the Company Can Afford Smartphone?
Yes: 4
No: 6

Does the Staff Can Purchase Smartphone?
Yes: 3
No: 7 Survey Results Thank You Digicon Valley Team http://digiconvalley.co/smartft/ TAM: Total Available Market
SAM: Served/Serviceable Available Market
SOM: Serviceable Obtainable Market White Color is indicating the domains where surveys performed Does the Field Staff Capable to Use Smartphone?

Yes: 4
No: 6

Does the Company Can Buy Services for Monitoring Their Staff?

Yes: 3
No: 6
Not Sure: 1

Would the Company Like
Get a Hosted Application: 3
Like to Install the Application on Own Hardware: 1
Don't Know: 6 Survey Results The complete response of surveys, team activities, demo-deck and project overview is available at: Face to Face Interviews & Survey Analysis All Surveys were Performed Face to Face Software Engineer graduated from Computer Sc Cairo University 2004. Professional using C++, C#, DOT NET technologies and java for Android. Joined IBM since 2008 and delivered several successful projects in Telecommunication, Stock Market and Medical Sectors. His current role is Architect.
Linkedin: LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=89662523&trk=tab_pro Mohamed Mamdouh
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