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The cell phone

No description

shannon lacey

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The cell phone

Where did the cell phone come from?
What is the cellphone used for
The cellphones features
The evolution of the cell phone by Shannon lacey
In 1843 Michael Faraday studied to see if space could conduct electricity which helped create the cellphone. The cellphone was created by Martin Cooper in April 1973. The first phone call was made by its creator Martin Cooper on the streets of New york city.
The cellphone was originally made for placing wireless phone calls but at the time only a lucky few could afford a cellphone. Today the cellphone is used for much more Email,calling etc...
A cellphone today has many features but in the past you could only call. Today the cellphone has features such as calls, email, texting you can even go on the internet. One of the main features of today's cellphone is a App. A App is something you can install on your cellphone for example games, education, health, and almost anything you could think of. You can also change your setting's.
The changes of the cell phone
How does the cell phone help society
The cellphone helps society because it was the first mobile phone you could talk on from different locations. At first it did not help society much but when it became more affordable people started to buy it more. Today most of the population has a cellphone (6 billion) . The cell phone as also changed ways of business to so you can reach your coworkers and employees .
Negativity of the cell phone
The cellphone has negative aspects. Cyberbullying is a big problem to many teens around the world. Another reason is people like to text an drive witch can cause accidents. Today the cellphone can be very addicting and it creates anti-socialism .
Transmit,Encode,Decode,Receive and Store
When you call someone or receive a call from someone from your cell phone there is a large tower called a cell tower that transmits it to a satellite witch transmits it to the person your calling and same for receiving and text messages to. The cell phone stores its data in how many GB it has you can buy cellphones with more or less GB.
The cellphone started to change in 1987. The major changes began in 1993 when the first touch screen was made. Today there are many different cellphones and cellphone company's such as apple, samsung and many more. The cellphone use to be very large but today it has gotten much smaller and more affordable since it was first invented.
Can the cell phone be replaced
The cell phone has changed the world a lot since it was first invented in 1983. I think the the cellphone will not be replaced any time soon because most of the population has on but maybe in the future

maybe a future cellphone ?
Thank you
for your attention
The cellphone
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