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No description

Reneee Rose

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Prayer

Name: Renee Rose
Teacher: Mr. Boyce
Date: Jan 18, 2013
Subject: Religion Final Project Question Time Experiment Misconceptions PRAYER RESULTS The Journey Through Prayer What do you think of when you hear the
word prayer?

What is prayer?

Did you get on your knees and pray
to God? Authors Words First Misconceptions
prayer mainly involves asking from God
Second Misconceptions
Is view that the prayer must be struggle
Third Misconceptions
is that the idea we live in a closed universe,
that everything is fixed.
Fourth Misconceptions
We feel our faith will crumble if our prayers are not answered first every time
Fifth Misconceptions
Prayer is the common teaching," pray once! Any more than shows a lack of faith"

. Feelings you feel when you are praying is the
lightness, joy comfort, serenity and even laughter

Answers to prayer are wonderful My experiment was to see if there is really an actual way to pray. Could we rush a prayer and it would still be answered or do we have to sit down and relax and talk to God.
I did this for 2 weeks
Results One the first week i decided to choose the sit down prayers first.
I will be complete honest with you, it was really hard for. On days I would be really tired from school and I will just fall asleep. Other days I would stop what I was doing and just talk and sit with Him. It felt relaxing, I was at peace. I did not have to worry about anything or anybody. It was like talking to a friend that would just listen and not talk. I was praying to find my glasses. On the second week , I would rush the prayer. This was
also hard for me as well because the week before I would try
to have a kneel down prayer and now i am rushing. After the second day i was back to the same old habits. Rushing or not praying at all. I am praying now that I will try to go back for myself and not because I need to ask Him for something its because I want too and need too.
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