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Why is Michael Jordan a Legend?

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Allen Reantaso

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Why is Michael Jordan a Legend?

Not just as the greatest basketball player at his time, he was also improving himself and his team with many problems during the game and in training whether it would be enchacing with ranges of shooting and dribbling. He as a basketball player was willing to improve himself as a sport athlete and having a desire to win a championship with Chicago Bulls.
Did you know?
That he was drafted 3rd into the NBA in 1984.
Why is Michael Jordan a Legend?
Main topic:
From my understanding, I think that a legend is a person who is admirably
famous especially in a specific area. For Michael Jordan it will obviously be
basketball. There are many meanings for the word legend.
The presentation is mostly about why Michael Jordan is a Legend with various reasons.
Michael Jeffrey Jordan is an amazing player from all his range of skills including dribbling, shooting, lay up, dunking, assisting and passing. These skills are combined to give your oponnent a hard time one of these including anklebreaking.

Michael Jordans coach said that Michael Jordan wanted to focus on:
1. His body, he wanted to be in his best physical shape that he could be by carrying weight and eating right.
2. His skill, he wanted to have no weakness so he practised 5 hours for 5 days a week.
3. His competition, he always had a competitive mind and for a fact that his team lost a match he would kill an ant with a sledgehammer, which is cruel.

Michael, the best player at his time had only recieved two olympic medals, MVPA (Most Valuable Player Award) 5 times in the NBA. Even though Michael led his team (Chicago Bulls) to three championships in a row, he was usually a person who hogged the ball. He has won two two olympic medals as well as winning another three nba championships when he came back after first retirement. At the end of his first year in NBA as a rookie, he recieved NBA Rookie of the Year Award.
1. He had a network of money of $1,000,000,000 and is still earning more today.
2. While playing for the Washington Wizards he donated money to the recover the 9/11 victims and families.
3. He was in a movie called Space Jam, playing as himself, Michael Jordan.
4. Michael Jordan passed out from his basketball game by eating poisonous pizza from a local pizza store, this event was called “The Flu Game.” He had still won this match.
5. As one of the most athletic famous stars of his time, he played in a cartoon show called “Prostars”.
6. In Orlando, he had his jersey stolen, forcing him to have to wear another jersey that had the number “12” with no surname at the back.
7. In the year 1984 of the NBA, he was picked 3rd to be drafted.
8. Surprisingly, he just scored two points, twice in his NBA career.
9. Michael Jordans first trainer was his actual dad, James Raymond Jordan, Sr.

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