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Yatania Alvarado

on 18 September 2018

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Think about it...
What is stress?
Stress is a part of everyone's life. There is good stress and bad stress. Stress is the way your body reacts/responds to situations that require immediate action or demand. In this presentation we will be looking at negative stress. Still unsure? Let's look at some examples .
Negative Stress examples
Unpaid bills/student loans piling up on your table
Not being able to find a job for those unpaid bills
Trying to understand a concept for the next exam but can't seem to grasp the idea
Short staffed at work and all the work load falls on your shoulder
Ice cream machine at McDonald's not working the ONE day you wanted a Mcflurry
I am stressed!
Unfortunately people have a tendency to not release stress. Holding on to bad stress for a long time can lead to distress. Distress can also be referred to as extreme sorrow or hurt that can lead to things like anxiety and depression. It is ok! I'm going to show you a few of my personal favorite tips for stress managing.
Stress-Relieving Tips/examples
Go out into nature! Collect good vibes!
Go out for a jog or a hike, enjoy some time next to a river or riding a bike through the woods!
Try meditation or yoga
Doesn't it feel great when you wake up and take a nice long stretch to get you blood flowing? If you love that feeling, this is definitely for you.
Any form of exercise
Exercise is scientifically proven to lessen anxiety.
Take a nice long warm bath!
Have a nice long warm bath. Soak for as much as you need and imagine you are in a tropical place far away from any problems
Treat yourself to a yummy treat
Eat something sweet! Another example where science comes in handy; dark chocolate has certain chemicals that can help with stress
(One of my personal favorites) having a good laugh can automatically help reduce stress! So pull out your best memes, or favorite comedy show/movie. Share funny memories with some of your best friends and/or family members
Name: Yatania Alvarado

You are working at your full-time job, and it is a busy day. Customers are getting impatient and you have to maintain professional throughout your shift, but then your favorite part of the day comes along; lunch! You enjoy your meal for 30 minutes but then it just goes back to getting yelled at by impatient customers. It's ok,only a few more hours... right? The shift is finished and you start driving home and during the drive you are thinking about a project that you have to turn in tomorrow at school. Knowing you only have a limited time before you have to go to sleep. You finish the project at midnight and as you're drifting off to sleep, you remember a bill that is do later that week that you don't have the funds for. Before you know it you're wide awake, your mind running a thousand miles per second. All of a sudden your body feels the need to let go of some of that energy but instead you just store it and believe it'll be gone by morning. The next morning you get to class and BOOM! Pop quiz. Suddenly the energy you stored is just building up and you start getting achy everywhere. Sound familiar. The simple answer is: STRESS.
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