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Reliance Industries

No description

Manu Menon

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Reliance Industries

Reliance Group
Growth & IPO
Reliance Group
In the last decade...
Growth Story
Founded by Dhirubhai Ambani and his cousin Champaklal Damani in 1960 as Reliance Commercial Corporation
After demise of Dhirubhai Ambani...

Differences between the brothers, Mukesh and Anil started cropping up leading to a nasty seven-month-long ownership row.
The company grew their business in the textile industry.
And, 'Vimal' was its flagship brand.

In1977,the company made their first public offering and it was subscribed more than seven times!

Founded: 1966
Founder: Dhirubhai Ambani
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people: Mukesh Ambani , Anil Ambani
Products: Crude oil, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Polyester,
Textiles, Retail, Communications, Capital, Entertainment,
Energy, Logistics, Life Sciences, Mutual funds...

In 2001–02, two of the largest companies in India, Reliance Petroleum merged with Reliance Industries.
In 2002–03, RIL purchased a majority stake in Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (IPCL), India's second largest petrochemicals company, from Government of India. IPCL was later merged with RIL in 2008.
In 2006, Reliance entered the organised retail market in India.
In 2010, Reliance and BP announced a partnership in the oil and gas business. BP took a 30 per cent stake in 23 oil and gas production sharing contracts that Reliance operates in India. Reliance also formed a 50:50 joint venture with BP for sourcing and marketing of gas in India.
During the years 1985 to 1992, the company expanded its installed capacity for producing polyster.

First petrochemical plant was commissioned in 1991–92.

In the year 1995–96, the company entered the telecom industry through a joint venture with NYNEX, USA and promoted Reliance Telecom Private Limited in India.

During 1998–2000, the company completed setup of integrated petrochemical complex at Jamnagar in Gujarat.
Manu Menon
Dhirubhai Ambani
In 1965,partnership with cousin ended.

Dhirubhai Ambani continued with the business of polyester.
In1966, the Reliance textile industries was founded.
And, the company grew their business to the textile industry.
In 1985, the name of the company was changed from Reliance Textiles Industries Ltd. to Reliance Industries Ltd.
On June 18, 2005, Mukesh and Anil finally reached an agreement to divide the assets after a long drawn battle.

They split the Reliance empire to steer ahead their own interests.

Reliance was divided into 2 companies…

Reliance Industries Limited (
Mukesh Ambani
Petroleum, petrochemical and textiles operations.

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (
Anil Ambani
Telecommunications, energy, capital finance,
and power.

Reliance Industries Limited is India's largest private sector conglomerate (by market value) and second largest in the world.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Group's annual revenues are in excess of US$ 66 billion.

Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 500 company.
Ranked 99 in 2012.

Second largest company in India by revenue after the state-run Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).

Major Subsidiaries:

Reliance Petroleum Limited
Reliance Retail Limited
Retail Insurance Broking Limited
Reliance Retail Finance Limited
Reliance Service Solutions Limited
Reliance Strategic Investments Limited
Reliance Exploration & Production - DMCC
Reliance Global Management Services

Major Associates:

Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited
Reliance Europe Limited

Reliance Industries Limited
Consists of

Reliance Power
Reliance Communications
Reliance Infrastructure
Reliance Capital
Reliance Entertainment
Reliance Health
Reliance Natural Resources
Reliance Venture
Reliance MediaWorks Ltd
Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
About Reliance ADA Group
Market capitalisation: INR890 billion (US$15 billion).

Net assets: INR1800 billion (US$30 billion).

The Reliance Group has a business presence that extends to over 20,000 towns and 450,000 villages in India, and across the globe.

The shareholder base is over 12 million, among the largest in the world.
The Reliance success story - Strategic Analysis
Brief overview of some RIL Companies
Indian Petrochemicals Company Limited.
RIL holds 46% of company's equity shares
Reliance Retail.
Largest retailer in India - 1466 stores (Mar, 14)
Reliance Industrial Infrastructures Limited
an associate company of RIL. RIL holds 45.43% of total shares of RIIL.
Reliance Logistics
It provides logistics services to Reliance group companies and outsider ompanies.
And, many many more!!
123 Subsidiaries, 10 Associate companies
Brief overview of some RADAG Companies
Reliance Capital
One of India’s leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies
Ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies, in terms of net worth.
Reliance Communications Limited
Flagship company of the Group
The realisation of founder’s dream of bringing about a digital revolution that will provide every Indian with affordable means of communication.
Reliance Infrastructure Limited
India’s largest private sector enterprise in power utility
Reliance Health
Focused healthcare services company enabling the provision of solution to Indians, at affordable prices
Reliance Entertainment
Evolved out of the group's vision of meeting young India's aspirations and assuming a leadership position in communications, media and entertainment. (DreamWorks Pictures)
Reliance Group's HR Policy
"In my book, we have no greater asset than the quality of our intellectual capital, and no greater priority than the growth and retention of our vast pool of talent” – Dhirubhai Ambani
Comprehensive HR policy for attracting first-rate management graduates, highly trained engineers, top-notch financial analysts and razor sharp accountants.
A major recruiter in campus placements throughout the best colleges in India.
From a factory worker in Yemen to guardian of the 2nd richest family in the world.
Reliance Group - a living testimony to his
single-minded dedication
and an
unrelenting commitment
to his goals.

Thank You :)
Manu Menon
History & Growth
Reliance Group today
The two divisions
HR Policy
Strategic Analysis
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