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No description

Marissa Mendez

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Cinder

Cinder by: Marissa Meyer
Prezi by: Marissa Mendez
Class: Reading Literature
June 8, 2016

Cinder takes place after World War IV in the third era (T.E.) located in New Beijing. Throughout this book it has a suspenseful feel to it.
Embedded quote
Throughout the book Cinder shows much heroism. For example when she found out Prince Kai was going to marry Queen Levana to seal a peace treaty, Cinder rushed to the ball even though that was the time she was suposed to run away. "Cinder rubbed her fingers over her brow. He was going to announce it at the ball tonight, she murmured to herself. He's going to announce his intent to marry her. Her heart was racing, thoughts spilling over in her brain....She had to warn him. She couldn't let him make the announcement." Cinder knew that Queen Levana intended to kill him as soon she had control once they were married. (Cinder, pg. 323)
Cinder is the main character. She is a cyborg girl who works as a mechanic at the market. Cinder lives with her stepmother, Adri and two stepsisters, Peony and Pearl. Later on in the book she finds out she is a shell (a lunar and cyborg). Shells have a very negative label so it doesn't help her case. She also finds out that she is the supposedly dead Princess Selene and is wanted dead by Queen Levana.
The tones I think that this book has is sort of a melancholy, serious, and suspenseful type of theme
Prince Kai
Kai was the crown prince of the Eastern Commonwealth. After his father, Emperor Rikan, passed away due to letumosis, Kai became the Commonwealth's new emperor. Kai first met Cinder when he entered her booth at the marketplace to have his broken android fixed. Throughout the book Cinder and Kai meet repeatedly. Every time they met, Kai slowly began to develop feelings for Cinder, asking her to the ball several times, even giving her beautiful gloves. However, since Cinder thought her status as a cyborg and later Lunar made her unfit for Kai, she repeatedly turned him down making up random excuses.
Levana is the aunt of Cinder(Princess Selene.) Levana attempted to kill three year-old Cinder in a nursery fire only to find out that Cinder is actually alive and on Earth living with her step-mother and step-sisters. She and her assistant Sybil have been a constant threat to Earth because of their large army and their ability to manipulate bioelectrical energy(the way people see them, similar to hypnotizing ). She had been negotiating with Emperor Rikan in attempt to become empress. Levana travels to Earth to try and become empress again, but with Kai this time. After Emperor Rikan's death, Levana gives Emperor Kai an antidote for letumosis with the ability to cure one adult male. She had this cure for a very long time. However, she refused to share it with them for political reasons.
Queen Levana
I think the main theme of Cinder is
don't judge a book by it's cover
. The whole story of Cinder is about this girl discovering who she really is. She grew up believing she is Cinder, an unwanted girl who turned cyborg at age 11, because of some hover accident. But she turned out to be very important and so much more.
Plot Summary
Prince Kai brings his android to Cinder to be repaired, but after he leaves there is a sudden outbreak of letumosis in the marketplace. Cinder goes out with Iko(Cinder's android) and Peony(Cinder's step-sister) to get a magbelt from the junkyard. Unfortunately while they are there, Peony catches letumosis and is taken away. Cinder returns home and Adri(her step-mother) is furious with her, so she volunteers Cinder to be a test subject for letumosis research. She then meets Dr. Erland and is injected with the disease. They soon find out that Cinder is immune to letumosis. Cinder returns home and keeps returning to the palace for letumosis research. They are unfortunately too late, because emperor Rikan died of letumosis. After time Dr. Erland tells Cinder that she is immune to the disease because she is a lunar. Queen Levana visits earth and seeks marraige to Prince Kai. While Cinder is fixing Prince Kai's android, she finds out he has been finding information about Princess Selene, Queen Levana's niece. Cinder tries to deliver the android, but she is spotted by Queen Levana. Queen levana tells Prince Kai that there is a lunar fugitive and that she needs to be arrested. Prince Kai talks to Cinder and says he is going to announce he will marry Queen Levana. Cinder decides she is going to run away, but before that she receives a message that Queen Levana is going to kill Prince Kai and take over Commonwealth once she marries him. Cinder goes to the ball to warn Prince Kai about the message. Her name is announced and Queen Levana spots her and remembers she is the lunar fugitive. Cinder is demanded to be arrested,but Prince Kai refuses. Cinder protects herself, but as she tries to run away her foot falls off and she is taken to prison. Once she is in prison, Dr. Erland visits her and gives her a new hand and foot with gadgets. He also tells Cinder that she is Princess Selene and that is why Levana wants her dead. He tells her to run away and the last thing she does is take out her ID chip. The story ends as a cliff hanger and continues in the series. I would describe this book as a dystopian love story.

A glacier depicts this book because not everything is exactly what it seems to be. So you can't judge a book by it's cover. The top of glaciers are the only thing you can see, but really that's just not what the glacier is. Just like Cinder, all she sees is another average person, but she really is Princess Selene. So not everything is as obvious as it seems.
Reference slide
Meyer, Marissa. Cinder. New York: Rampion Books, 2012.
Supporting characters:
Dr. Erland: the doctor who experiments with the plauge(letumosis)
Adri: Cinder's step-mother
Pearl: Cinder's rude step-sister
Peony: Cinder's step-sister who is her actual friend
Iko: Cinder's android
Torin: Prince Kai's assistant or royal advisor

Head Thaumaturge of Luna
Full transcript