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Fundación Escuela Nueva

No description

Ximena Ospina

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of Fundación Escuela Nueva

Fundación Escuela Nueva
Implementation Roadmap

Escuela Nueva

Driven by our mission, we have designed a strategy to
gradually implement
the Escuela Nueva model in a new setting ensuring its
; and
build capacity
in order to make the program
over time.
EN Implementation Strategy
Implementation Phases
Gradual Expansion
During this phase of at least 18 months, we start the implementation of the EN model in a number of schools. During this period, we are committed to demonstrate advancements in the levels of implementation of the model, improvements in social and emotional competencies of students and, when possible, also improvements in academic achievements.
This phase is intended to generate awareness and understanding of a successful, participatory and child-centered approach like Escuela Nueva.
Country research
Mapping of potential country stakeholders
Study Mission to Colombia
During this phase, FEN provides professional services to partner organization and a team of curriculum specialists for adapting the EN Learning Guides to the country's curricular framework, maintaining the methodology and pedagogy.
Workshop for discussing frameworks for adapting Learning Guides
Follow up workshop
Validation workshop
Final validation workshop
Development of a curriculum matrix and a sample unit
FEN assists the gradual expansion of the project to more schools and trains a "multipliers team" (ToT´s) to leave in-country capacity.
Training workshops for "Multiplier team"
Licensing of the Escuela Nueva teacher training manual
Ongoing virtual technical assistance
EN Community of Practice
Teacher certification course
Focus on 2 Key Areas
We contribute to improve the quality, relevance and efficiency of education by rethinking the way we learn and promoting active, cooperative and personalized learning centered on the learner.
By 2018 we want to be a global technical reference for active, cooperative and personalized learning based on the Escuela Nueva model; and we want lead a global movement to improve the lives of the underserved through our educational model.
Escuela Nueva
Teacher training and follow up strategies
Learning materials for students and teachers
Awareness building
Awareness Building
Demo Project
Selection of schools with partner organization
Set up of the local project team
Baseline Data
Level of implementation
Self esteem
Democratic behaviors
Cooperation - Life in the Classroom
Initiation Workshop on the
Escuela Nueva model
Set up of schools,
EN learning environments and Microcenters of teachers
Escuela Nueva Prototype Kit
Licensing of the Escuela Nueva International Prototype Kit
In situ follow up and feedback visits
Workshop to analyze the EN IPK and plan adaptations for future alignment to national Standards or Curriculum
Workshop on How to use the Learning Guides
Gradual Expansion


Study Mission to Colombia
One-week activity in Colombia to introduce and familiarize participants with the Escuela Nueva model while directly visiting
schools in action
Intended to generate awareness, political will and understanding of the EN approach and serve as an initial activity for discussing and planning a concrete pilot project on the ground, understanding its technical and policy implications.
What needs to be in place to start a Demo Project?
Committed interest from key partners and stakeholders in initiating an Escuela Nueva project and sustaining the program over time
Educational authority (local, regional or national) if implemented in public schools
School principal, Board and academic team, in the case of private schools.
Formal partnership with a strong local partner (other NGO or international organization) with visions and values similar to FEN´s
Strong political will and motivation
Funding for at least an 18 month program must be guaranteed
Membership to ReNueva
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