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7B - Asia- Maddie Mar, Emily Vilas, Sadie Padilla

Standard 7.3.5 Trace the discoveries of tea, manufacture of paper, wood-block printing, the compass, and gunpowder

Sadie Padilla

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of 7B - Asia- Maddie Mar, Emily Vilas, Sadie Padilla

Standard 7.3.5
Paper was discovered in China during the Han Dynasty using...
Egyptians... paper...papyrus.
Making paper...
The original inventors of paper...
They would use...
Magnetic Compass
The magnetic compass was considered a 'sailor's friend' by Arab seaman because it helped sailors with long voyages. Through Muslim lands to Europe it traveled. The knowledge of magnets led the Chinese to making a magnetic compass that guided sailors across the sea to their destinations. Long exploration voyages were made by seaman who used the magnetic compass.
Trace the discoveries of tea, the manufacture of paper,
wood-block printing, the compass, and gunpowder.
Gunpowder was a secret weapon used by the Chinese. It first was used to create fireworks. It then evolved and led to the to the discovery of war weapons. It ended up in the Muslims hands throughout its way to Europe. Europeans didn't hesitate to use gunpowder in warfare. Having gunpowder was an advantage to whoever had it.
Wood-Block Printing
Wood-block printing was...
Appeared in China...
Appeared in Japan...
This development...
By: Maddie Mar, Sadie Padilla, Macy Blacksten, and Emily Vilas
Tea was used in Western Zhou Dynasty as a religious offering. Tea drinking was often used in lower classes. The Chinese used tea for herbal medicine. Tea drinking prospered even more during the Tang Dynasty. Tea was around during the time of Confucius and was used even during the Han Dynasty. Many people added ginger, onion, spices, and oranges to their tea.
Question #1
What were two ways gunpowder
was used?
Answer #1
Hart, Diane. Medieval and Early Modern times. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. Print.
Lorge, Peter Allan. The Asian Military Revolution: From Gunpowder to the Bomb. Cambridge: CambridgeUP, 2008. Print.
What was wood-
block printing?
Question #3
Answer #3

A technique used to print images, text, or patterns on textiles.
Question #2
What was one dynasty
tea was used in?
Answer #2
The Han Dynasty
The Tang Dynasty
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