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Earth & Environmental Science Prelim

No description

Andrew Kirkwood

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Earth & Environmental Science Prelim

EES Prelim Course
Planet Earth and Its Environment
The Local Environment
Water Issues
Where is all the water?
How did life form?
How did the Universe Form?
How did life change the atmosphere?
How has the earth's climate changed?
Dynamic Earth
How did the Solar System and earth Form?
How did the atmosphere form?
How do we know the earth used to be warmer?
Investigate the respiration of unicellular organisms
Where are the oldest rocks?
How do we know how old they are?
And what is a continent anyway?
Why are the youngest parts of the oceans are in the centre?
What's with all these volcanoes and earthquakes in the middle of the oceans?
Why do some volcanic eruptions look like this?
And others look like this?
How do continents move?
How can you possibly not be interested in rocks and minerals?
why do we care what organisms live in our local environment?
What are the human impacts on the local environment?
What does the water and soil chemistry tell us?
How do our laws protect the environment?
Why does geology matter?
what is the impact on runoff, soils, river flow and sedimentation in streams?
what are the impacts on natural surface processes?
Why should we care about biodiversity?
Why do we care so much about salinity?
How does the water cycle affect soil formation?
Aerial view of the Coorong taken in 2007. Photo: David Mariuz
2010; Source: SMH
What happens to an ecosystem when you change the water availability?
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