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Culminating Project

Senior Presentation: 4/21/2010

Connor Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Culminating Project

Culminating Project: Senior Presentation
Connor Smith Fifth Year Plan What is my career pathway or goal?

Major in Biology
Begin Pre Medicine at the University of Washington
Get into the medical field
Decide exactly what I want to do What is my plan for next year?
Attend the University of Washington
Potentially join a fraternity
Potentially live in the dorms
Participate in Crew
What Steps have I taken to make this happen?
Pushed myself
Taken hard classes
Joined Crew What is my financial plan?
Parental support
Working throughout career Connections Favorite Classes?
Frosh Honors English
Frosh P.E.
German One
How have these classes influenced my future plans?
They have shown me that I love english(hate math)
A diverse area of interest Some sweet activities:
Mr. Panther
Homecoming(buff puff)
Spring Week How has this helped my future plans?
Shown me to get out and have some fun
Self Determination
Enjoy the ride Self Awareness Favorite Classes?
AP English
German One
Tech Lab Biggest influences?
Mom and Dad
Family Outside interests?
Music in general
Outdoors Strengths:
Having Fun
Being friendly
Helping people Weaknesses:
Public Speaking
Studying for long periods I can't wait for the next chapter of my life!
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