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Interview presentation

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Rajarajan Palanimurugan

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Interview presentation

Raja Palanimurugan DSP Visualization Engineer
at MathWorks Part 1 - Self Introduction Part 2a - Project(s) Overview Part 2b - Demo Conclusion Leadership at Phasorz Technologies Demo and an overview of new stuff learned last week in JavaScript, MATLAB visualization and HTML5. Interview Presentation
April 24, 2013 OVERVIEW EDUCATION EXPERIENCE Deep down! Overview of my past 24 years 1989 2013 2010 Born in India 2006 Graduated from Holy Cross High School, Salem, India SSN College of Engineering, Anna University 2011 Research Assistant,
Indian Institute of Science University of Michigan, Ann Arbor SSN College of Engineering, Anna University, India Bachelors in
Electronics and
Communication Engineering

Grade: First Class

Core classes:
DSP, Image Processing, Embedded Systems Masters in
Electrical Engineering: Systems

GPA: 3.51/4.0

Major: Signal Processing
Minor: Machine Learning University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Academic / Research Industry Research Associate, UM Direct Brain Interface (DBI) Lab. (Sep 2011 – Mar 2012)
Investigated various signal processing and machine learning techniques and used them on EEG data to dynamically determine whether the user is paying attention to the Brain-computer Interface based speller.

Research Assistant, MILE Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. (Jun 2010 – Jun 2011)
Co-developed the first ofits kind Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for Tamil and Kannada Languages that runs in real-time on Windows as well as Linux machines.
Built a system to quantify Vitiligo disease from color images of the affected regions in Vitiligo patients.

Other course projects:
Active Noise Canceling Headphones - Filtered-x LMS implemented using TI C5515 fixed-point processor.
Classification and clustering of images - Hierarchical classification of Caltech 101 dataset using MATLAB.
Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy from Retinal Fundus Images - MATLAB implementation with a simple GUI. LEADERSHIP PERSONALITY HOBBIES CORE VALUES Self-motivated
Constant progress
Not afraid of taking risks
Dedicated and dependable
Action oriented Software Developer and Technical Lead, Phasorz Technologies, Chennai based startup (Dec 2012 – Mar 2013)
Set up a server running LAMP stacks, Apache Tomcat and OpenMRS on Amazon AWS.
Lead a team of three Software Developer Interns who developed Android and web applications.

Digital Signal Processing Intern, The MathWorks, Inc. (May – Aug 2012)
Developed MATLAB System objects for a set of 31 adaptive filters ranging from least-mean squares adaptive filter to frequency domain adaptive filters as part of DSP System Toolbox™.
Prototyped System objects for linear equalizer, decision feedback equalizers and adaptive linear combiners. Non-fiction books
Web design
Camping, trekking, and planning trips
Policy watch (esp. education and economy)
Hang-out with friends Various leadership positions on campus (Student body President at SSN, IEEE Publicity Chair at UM, UM LeaderShape, etc) Authenticity
Positive attitude
Happiness Why me? Why MathWorks? MATLAB!
Math, science, engineering and problem solving
Great work culture - centered around developers, extremely talented coworkers always willing to help, rationale and not hierarchy makes the decisions.
I like attention to the details; I believe in having meetings and consensus to avoid things going wrong; and I like RFAIN.
Good work/life balance
Stability and the growth of the company Eagerness to learn new things and the desire to create new technologies
I am keenly interested in this position.
Extremely progress and action oriented. I will make things move faster.
Confident and self-motivated
I take criticisms, I strive for the growth of the self and the growth of the company.
I believe in team work, vision, values, and action.
I am a team player and a good leader. Thank
You! Internship at The MathWorks When: May 7 - Aug 31, 2012

Where: DSP System Toolbox team (Ric's team)

What: Migration of 'adaptfilt' UDD objects to System objects, so that customers get C code generation support for adaptive filters as they get to understand the usability of System objects. Summer Internship at The MathWorks New features to Adaptive filters:
System object implementation
Double and single precision floating point support
C code generation support

Things tried / prototyped:
Equalizer System objects by reusing code from the Adaptive filter System objects Highlights of the internship Experience in product development: prototyping, discussing, developing, and documentation.
Already comfortable with the processes and tools here: RFAIN, Gecko, Perforce and Sandbox. Technical Lead at Phasorz Technologies When: Dec 28, 2012 - Mar 18, 2013

Why: To gain experience, very interesting project, I like leadership.

What: Lead a team of three Software Developer Interns who were developing Android and web applications. Set up a server running LAMP stacks, Apache Tomcat and OpenMRS on Amazon AWS. My Role - Leadership My Role - Web Admin Finished my task within the time frame!
Experience in web administration, setting up web servers, Amazon AWS
Leading a team, and thereby being self-motivated
Over 30 million heart patients in India
Affordable medical devices in every GPs table
Instant diagnosis
Leverages mobile phone networks, smartphones, Arduino, and latest web technologies Satish, Enba and Ananda (alumni of IIT Madras) had a startup idea.
Affordable, portable, mobile based ECG monitoring system - DhilCare.
I joined the team with my limited web administration and good team management skills. Me and Phasorz Technologies What is DhilCare? Server setup - explored different options before choosing Amazon AWS, Apache, MySQL, SANA, and openMRS combo. a) Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Cloud-VPS

b) Dedicated Server

c) Setting up our own server

d) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Services - Usage based cost, flexible, free for first year, and easy to scale. Alternatives Amazon AWS? Why this architecture? Apache + MySQL is the standard, and it is easy to find programmers in India having knowledge in these.
HTTP for GP to server app connection, XMPP for server to cardiologist app connection.
SANA and openMRS - already existing open-source medical record management systems.
Mercurial is easy to learn for the interns.
Bitbucket gives free private repositories. Major Challenges Faced SANA installation on Ubuntu - not very well documented, spotted two errors in the documentation after days of troubleshooting.
Establishing handshake between Mobile Dispatch Server (MDS) and a mobile phone. Two undergrad interns from an Indian college for Android app development - in January 2013.
Another undergrad intern from IIT who was more experienced in web administration in late February 2013.
Managed the two interns giving them tasks, and getting weekly updates from them.
Slowly gave over my responsibilities to the new intern from IIT. Gained... http://www.prajarajan.com/tmw.html
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