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Pan's Labyrinth

No description

Justin Bryant

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Pan's Labyrinth

Portals present themselves in times of duress when characters are most in need of finding them. The worlds they access help the characters to cope with difficulties experienced in the ordinary world.
Ofelia exhibits a unique version of an Oedipus complex
She is trying to escape the life and live out her fantasy
She is stuck in a childish stage of psychological development.
Roman mythology: Fawn's role to guide or hinder heroes.
Myth of the Labyrinth: to discover the truth and self-actualization.
Cronus (Greek Titan): the Pale Man and Child Sacrifice.
Hero leaves home(s)
Member of the family is absent
Interdiction (military rules) violated
Hero is tested: prepared for a magical agent.
Hero receives magical agents.
Hero is pursued.
Hero returns home.
Movie Clip
Pan's Labyrinth
By Justin Bryant, Kristine Santos, and Devin Allen
Captain Vidal
Dr. Ferreiro
Carmen (Mother)
General Vidal (Stepfather)
Dr. Ferrerio
Campbell's Hero's Journey
-Del Toro suggests multiple interpretations of the movie.
-Was the Underworld real?
-Imagination and portals used to cope with reality and encourage humaneness.
Pan's Labyrinth
Ofelia moves to country with mother and new stepfather
Enters labyrinth in the woods and meets the faun.
Given 3 tasks to prove she is a long lost princess.
Ofelia's 3 Tasks
1) Retrieve the Key.
2) Retrieve
the dagger.
3) Sacrifice the blood of an innocent.
C.S. Lewis's LWW: the children's journey to their royal destiny.
Harry Potter's quest for the Stone.
Room of Requirement in Hogwarts.
Jesus' 3 temptations in the desert
Parallels between the 2 worlds
J. Crandall's Cronus Complex
-Based on the Cronus myth
-Personified by Captain Vidal
-Desire for control.
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