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follow up conversations

We talked last time - what will we talk about this time?

Jill Biddington

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of follow up conversations

What I am doing is working towards a Question - "Will you join your union?" Follow up conversations What did we talk about last time? What tools can I use to remember? If I don't have a clear memory of that conversation, what can I do? do I repeat what I said last time? How do I engage you in this conversation? what are my expectations of this conversation? Good grief it get boring having the same conversation over and over again Uh-oh - they have that look ! - their eyes are glazed over - damn I am boring them. What can I do that stops them drifting off? I don't have time to keep databases - give me some ideas What will this conversation look like? We talked about feedback last time .. What can I use to start the conversation? what is new I can bring to this conversation? I must remember to ask the question
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