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No description

Vincenzo Rossi

on 29 June 2018

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Transcript of Water

Splish, Splash Water!
What is Sedapal?
SEDAPAL provides water and sewerage services to Lima and neighbouring Callao.
Why is water important?

Our Action
For Example
It is essential for the survival of all known forms of life.

By:Vincenzo Rossi,Italo Acosta,Mirella Espinoza,Gonzalo Anyosa,Sandra Nuñez and Matias Serra Landers
What is Water?
Water is a liquid substance and it's necessary in our lives.
PYP Exhibition
We went to Little Byron
Our Motivation
Our Group Conclusion is:
That water is essential for our lives and we need it!
Central Idea:
Water is our most important natural resource
Lines of Inquiry
The importance of water conservation
Obtaining water and promoting its efficient use
How much water do we spend?

Our Souvenir
We make some drops for you
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