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Yr 11 Christian Studies - Travel Intro

No description

Robbie Guteridge

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Yr 11 Christian Studies - Travel Intro

Robbie Guteridge's Travel Thoughts Yr 11 Christian studies 2011 The world is a wonderful place full of wonderful people and sites of awe. Travel to see the world and find yourself. The world is full of wonderful people and interesting things. Things built by the ancients Things that took 300 years to complete Have you heard the ice groan? If the world's so great - Why do bad things happen? Terrible Things! But people with compassion forgive Children see only good See profits as more important
than community People do share and trust Families take us in and show us friendship So, remember to look after our environment It is safe to travel as the locals do Remember our History And, you can get a big mac ANYWHERE.
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