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Anne Frank

No description

jess colacci

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Anne Frank

By: Jonathan, Jessica & Christian
Anne Frank
Anne Frank
Anne's Diary
- Born on June 12, 1929
- Born in Frankfurt , Germany
- Family of four
-Got her diary on her 13th birthday

- She wrote in her diary just about everyday
Moving To Amsterdam
-Moved to Amsterdam in 1933
-It was peaceful for a couple of years
The Secret Annex:
A Dilema in Germany
-Millions of Germans out of work
-Jewish were getting
blamed for many things
-In 1942, the Frank family went into a hideaway
-Margot Frank was going
to be sent to a labour camp
The Hideaway
- The bookshelf hid the entrance to the secret annex
- In the daytime, they had to be quiet
Secret Annex Invaded
- In 1944, the Nazis found
the apartment and raided in
Brutal Times
for the Franks

-Anne and Margot got sent to a labour camp
in Poland
-They worked in harsh condions and weren’t
taken care very well
The Death of Anne Frank
-In October, Anne and
Margot Frank got sent to
another camp with many

- In late February of 1945, Margot died and later on, Anne died of hunger and disease
The Only Survivor
-Otto Frank was the only survivor
-Someone found Anne Franks diary and gave it to Otto Frank.
-The diary was first published in 1947
and is now translated into more
than fifty languages
- Anne Frank was only
when she died
Going Into Hiding
World War Two
- World War Two began in 1939

-It consisted of the Axis and Allied Nations

-It began when Germany invaded Poland

Who She Was With
- She was in hiding with her family the Van Pels (she refered to them as the Van Danns in her diary) and Dr Albert Dussel
Her Impact On History
- Anne Frank left her mark on history by showing how the war effected those who were average people and children.
- Her story is known by many people and in many countries around the world.
Where Did It All Happen
- Anne Frank went throught an incredible journey spanning over three countries throughout axis Europe

- She went to Auschwitz in Poland then transported to Bergen Belsen in Northern Germany
What Kind of Sacrifices
Were Made
- Anne Frank and her family sacrificed not only their home but also their freedom
- In the end it ultimately led to them sacrificing their life for what they believe in
When Did This Take Place
- There were many important dates in Anne Franks journey some of which being...

* Her birth on June 12 1929

* In 1942, she and her family went into hiding
Could It Have Been Prevented
- We asked whether or not the wealth of Anne Franks family could have helped her
-We also asked could her family have moved to another country like England or USA
Anne Frank Shows
" Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth"
" Blessed are the pure in
heart, for they will see God"
"Blessed are those who are
persecuted because of righteousness
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"
Thanks For
By: Jonathan, Jessica, and
-Anne and Margot Frank
got sick with typhus
Tough Times For Anne and Margot
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