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Dear Future DI members

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Library Media

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Dear Future DI members

Dear Future DI members
Working With Mrs. Dulin
This year you will have a lot of fun. If you follow these simple instructions. Use good grammar do not say words like like and say blank and I not me and blank. Stay on task do not goof off always be working or you will not get anything accomplished. Do not interrupt Mrs. Dulin always wait until she is done talking until you talk.
Making your structure is very hard but these tips will help you with this task. Read over the directions more than once and make sure you understand everything. Make exact measurements or your structure will not be even and that is not good. Use a cutting surface when you are making your cuts. Draw out your ideas before you start to waste wood and other materials.
Welcome to DI
This year you will experience the most fun you will ever have in P.A.G.E. this year you will have to be part of a team and learn how to work with your teammates. That is why we are going to help you. Your team will have arguments and then there will be stuff that you guys totally agree on, but through and through you will learn from this year. Good Luck and have fun.
In an instant challenge you are given the task and you either are doing a performance or a structure challenge. In my PAGE year we would all produce a idea and then we would combine ideas. Then we would come up with our performance.
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