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Online Learning

ELT Conference - Thursday 22 2010

Mario Suarez

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Online Learning

Online Self-Assesment, and Lifelong Learning MARIO SUÁREZ OBJECTIVES Explore self assessment dynamics to give students the chance to reflect on their own role as learners.

Present the tools they can use to keep track of their progress as independent learners.

Identify the nature of an active English learning self-assessing dynamic. CONTENT ORGANIZATION 1. The Cognitive Science and the 21st Century
2. The need to raise awareness
3. Class Contents and strategies
4. tools
recording device 5. Impact
6. conclusions COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND THE 21ST CENTURY Daniel Willingham & Paul Thagard Factual Knowledge Before Skills
Mind Processes to Solve Problems "Skills Operate on Knowledge" 21st century profile ...
a critical thinker
a problem sover
an innovator
self-directed learner
a communicator
... awareness
& action plan Awareness & Independence The needs that motivate me
The skills I Have
The problems I identify
The resources at hand
My Limitations
My willingness Teacher's Expectations Engagement
Progress & Consolidation
Curiosity CONTENT AND STRATEGIES English Program & Metacognition "Cognitive science is devoted to the study of how people think and learn and how, when, and whether they use what they know to solve problems." Reading Skills Monitoring Understanding Comprehension Questions
Identification of Points of View
statement of opinions use of new language in the context of the unit TOOLS go With the Flow
worry abOut ContEnt
EmbEd It
WITH ALL THAT'S AHEAD? IMPACT process-oriented instruction
exploitation of resources
training on skills
development of discoursive skills lesson planning
learning opportunities
variety IMPACT conclusions Experience enhances the learner's understanding of their role
Assessment promotes awareness among students and teachers active self-assessment motivates students to develop their discoursive skills.
active self-assessment takes English learning as a global process that is supported in the classroom.
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