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brain drain

No description

Anıl Özcan

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of brain drain

BRAIN-DRAIN Brain drain (or human capital flight) is the immigration of a large group of people who have important technical skills or knowledge to another country which is more developed. Second solution is that government must encourage and evaluate the scientists or other well-educated individuals. The first solution is that the negative effects of political or social events must be attenuated by the government on scientists and talented people. For instance, Albert Einstein,one of the most important scientists of the world history,had to escape from Germany during the Second World War,because the Nazi government was going to kill him just because of his religion. And nowadays, Indian engineers are still the most important workers of these companies. In conclusion, all countries have to know these solutions if they want to develop faster,to become more powerful and to prevent losing their "shining brains" who are the most valuable parts of their countries and their cultures. However,there are some effective solutions to solve the problem of brain drain. These solutions have been used at different stages of history in different countries and still we can see many of them being used currently. Third and the last solution is to supply all financial and logistical needs of scientists and other talented people who want to do something important to develop their country or contribute to the development of science all around the world. For example, in 70's, Indian engineers started to create their own software systems for their own work. THANKS FOR LISTENING... Anıl Özcan Mertkan Mert CAUSES OF BRAIN DRAIN >Political pressures

>Financial problems

>Poor working environment

>Lack of enough support Effects of Brain Drain >No development for backward countries

>Immigrants can face adaptation disorders

>Increasing differences among countries
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