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Can practice managers save the NHS?

Presentation at Public Policy Exchange conference http://t.co/CRluuxi3pe

Robert Varnam

on 26 September 2015

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Transcript of Can practice managers save the NHS?

Head of general practice development
Ambitions for general practice
proactive coordinated care

holistic, personalised, supported self care

fast, responsive access to care

health-promoting care, reducing inequalities

quality: consistently high safety, effectiveness, experience, value
Work areas
Empowering patients & the public
Equipping practices
Defining, measuring & publishing quality
Joint commissioning
Supporting investment & redesigning incentives
Preserve existing strengths.

Promote, support & sustain innovation & improvement...
Integrated community team
Intermediate care
Extended hours
Shared records
Systematising self care
Redesigning access
Care coordinators
Health trainers
Community diagnostic services
Direct specialist advice
Networks, federations, mergers
Community development
Shared premises
Learning networks
Minor injury service
Telephone/email/video consultations
Pre-appointment info/questionnaire
Care planning
In-house therapies
Social prescribing
Health coaching
Give me more!
Can we do things better?
Scottish School of Primary Care
Can we do better things?
What do we care about?
What are we trying to achieve?
What does success look like?

Are we making the most of partnerships with the community, patients, commissioners &
How proactive are we in meeting needs in patients & the community?
Is this achieveable?
Is 'new' always about 'harder'?
What capabilities do we need?
Managing the provider landscape
Workforce, premises and IT
Web consultations
Dr Robert Varnam
Can practice managers
save the NHS?
82% reduction in time to retrieve prescriptions requests (12.5hrs of staff time per week)
Nursing capacity released, worth £11k
82% reduction in nurse sickness absence
The usual NHS approach
The science of Improvement
Transformation of the system,
innovation in providers
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