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Jaci Howard

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Merchants

By: Olivia Mieke Lindquist
The End of a Tailor

The end of a tailor starts when they start to get old and will soon start to train a apprentice. When the tailor is done training an apprentice the tailor retires and if they are really old they may pass away soon after. When the apprentice is done training they take the old tailors place and become the new tailor.
The Funding's from a Tailor
Tailors are very poor, but, not as poor as a peasants. The funding's that they do make normally part go to the king, food, and supplies for clothes. When they do make a lot of money they don't get to keep all of there money that they make.
Tailor's Life
If you are wondering who a Tailor is, they are people who sew, design, and fix peoples clothes.
A tailors life begins in a poor peasants home, when they get to about the age of five. When they start as a tailor they spend almost the rest of their life sewing and selling cloths.
Tailors Now and Then
Tailor's used to sell and make clothes for peasants, nobles, Knights, nuns, monks, kings, queens, and merchants.
Tailors now sew men's suits and men's clothing.
They are very different then they were in the 15th century.
Clothes that Tailors Make
Tailors would make very fashionable clothes in the middle ages. Most of the nobles and kings and queens would have a royal tailor.

My resources were Wikipedia and safe search.


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