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The Maze Runner : Survival Guide

No description

Kayley Istace

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Maze Runner : Survival Guide

SURVIVING THE MAZE So, I here you wanna be a runner. Well that’s
shuckin fine and dandy, but being a Runner is a
very important role here at the Glade and
shuckin hard work too! Not only are you busting
your hump out there running in the maze
trying not to meet up with those ugly things
called Grievers that are trying to kill you, but
you’re trying to find us a way out of this place.
But if you insist. First of all we’ll have to go
through gettin you ready before we go out
runnin. First off, you’ll need some runnin shoes. The creators
give us three pairs every time the box drops. Remeber that big box you came in? The box will drop every week with the supplies for the week. Here, a brand new pair. Only runners get these babies, so feel special. You’ll need this to hold all your stuff, of
course. And some sort of weapon. Pick your favorite! I’d suggest somethin light. Nothing like getting caught with a Griever empty handed, but if you do, flight instead of fight. I’m not saying you will, but who knows! This might come in handy Oh! You’ll need this too. You remember why we’re doing all this, right? Correct, to get out of this shuckin place. Jot down any changes in the walls from yesterday, you know cause of the walls moving every night and such. I’ll do it today, but keep a close eye out in case you see something I don’t. We’ll have to stop by Frypan also, he’s the cook. Since we’ll be out there for a while you’ll need
this. Nothing worse than runnin on an empty stomach. Frypan makes them especially for us
every day before we leave. You might want one of these too.
Don’t you worry, we take breaks.
This’ll keep you energized and not
to mention healthy.
Don’t want a fat runner. I think this is the most important item. I don’t want you
dragging behind I’ve got a lot on my plate. Also,
dehydration isn’t the best time either. So thats that! You got all your stuff
to go out and about. It's awfully simple
what do. And you still really want to be
a runner? Good. We can allways use new
brains in the group.
So, the only real question now is: ARE YOU READY? Minho's guide to survivng in the Maze sbfkdff
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