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Jewelry, Make-Up, and Clothes Women Wore in Ancient Egypt

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Jayne Bullock

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Jewelry, Make-Up, and Clothes Women Wore in Ancient Egypt

By: Jayne Bullock Jewelry, Make up, and Clothes Women Wore In Ancient Egypt Clothes Wealthy women bought only the finest linen.
They wore flowing white gowns.
Many women wore the dresses in a similar way to Indian Saris, with one corner tucked into the waist.
On cold Egyptian nights women wore wool capes and stoles.
Wealthy women wore leather sandals stitched together with papyrus reed and the poorer women went barefoot. Make-Up For eye make-up wealthy women used the finest materials and chemicals, while poorer women used economical products.
They used eye make-up not only for appearance, but for protection from the deserts beating sun, blowing sand, and swarming fly's which could cause eye infections and blindness.
The mixture for eye make-up was expensive and wasn't available to the poor.
The mixture was applied with a cosmetic spoon. Jewelry Ancient Egyptian women wore jewelry of every size and description.
Wealthy women took pride in their jewelry and used bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings to enhance their appearance.
The jewelry was primarily made of gold with inlays of semiprecious turquoise, carnelian, and other stones. Wigs Most Egyptian women shaved their heads bald and replaced their natural hair with wigs.
They shaved their heads because it made it much more comfortable in the hot Egyptian climate.
Wigs worn by wealthy women were made of human hair and were held together with beeswax.
They decorated their wigs with threaded gold tubes that were woven into each hair tress, but stylized lotus blossoms were the preferred decoration for others. Rings They're dresses were simple but elegant.
Some dresses were made so well that they looked transparent. Even more popular than the black make-up was the green eye paint made from malachite.
The green eye paint symbolized fertility. Necklaces came in a variety of styles including: chokers, single and multiple stranded necklaces, pendents, and broad collars.
The most characteristic Egyptian necklace is a choker. Even servant girls and peasants wore wigs.
Women also shaved their heads because it was easier to maintain a high degree of cleanliness. faience floral collar Wigs Dresses Green eye paint
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