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Yr7 3D

No description

Andrew Jackson

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Yr7 3D

3D Design -Year 7 What is 3D Design? What is
3D Design? 3D Design is when you design and make an object that has more than 2 sides. Design your own Jungle scene Draw your foreground Draw your animal Draw your middle-ground Draw your background Take ideas from 1 or 2 Rousseau paintings What is foreground? What is foreground? The foreground is what looks like the closest thing to you. It's in front of everything else in the picture, and it has the most detail. What is the background? What is the background? The background is the opposite, it is the farthest away and has the least amount of detail.

Middle-ground is in-between Where is the middle-ground? Foreground Where is the foreground? Middle-ground Where is the background? Background Box plan Split your page into 4

Work out which parts of
your design will slot into the
4 areas: Foreground
Background Henri Rousseau He was a French Post-Impressionist painter in the 19th century.
He was inspired by illustrated books and the Paris Botanical gardens.
Alot of people disapproved of his flat, naive, childlike painting style. Making your box Stage 1 Draw your background onto the back of
your box Draw the background clearly onto the back of your shoebox.

Remember you will be cutting this out, so the simpler the design, the better. Making your box Stage 2 What is Negative Space? What is Negative Space? Negative space, is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. Rubin's vase Cut the negative space out on your
background Making your box Stage 3 Paint your silhouetted trees dark green Making your box Stage 4 Add tissue paper to the back of the box Add strips of tissue paper the back of the box.

Add PVA carefully.

Use different tones of tissue paper. Use darker tones at the top and gradually add the lighter tones. Making your box Stage 5 Cut out and paint the Middle-ground Cut out the middle ground and plants, then paint.
Make sure it fits snuggly inside the box. Also include a sturdy wide flap. Stick the plants carefully to the back of the box. Making your box Stage 7 Stick your Middle ground firmly to your
box Making your box Stage 8 Stick a piece of paper to the lid of your box (This is to cover the print) Then draw your
foreground design onto the lid Making your box Stage 9 Cut out the Negative Space to reveal the
trees Making your box Stage 10 Paint the foreground neatly and carefully Try to use at least 3 different tones of green to create depth. Making your box Stage 11 Draw the outline of your animal onto
cardboard Making your box Stage 12 Cut out your animal, then draw around it
and cut 2 more out Leave the tail aand then cut of the legs on one animal.

On two of the animal cut outs leave the legs but chop off the tail. Place index finger in the dent of the knife Pull knife towards you away from opposite hand. Don't use the knife in an upright position. Keep the knife horizontal. Place index finger in the dent of the knife. Don't use the knife in an upright position. Pull knife towards you away from opposite hand. Keep the knife horizontal. Making your box, Stage 13 Start to add newspaper to pad out your
animal Make a newspaper coil, by twisting the paper.
Mould the newspaper around the tail and stick
with sellotape. Make newspaper wads to help pad out the animal.
To make the wad fold in the edges of the paper and bring to meet in the middle.
Add newspaper to both sides of the middle animal. Make sure you mould them into the shape of the animal. Making your box Stage 14 Build up the structure of the animal with cardboard and newspaper Place the two other cut out animals either side of the middle animal. Pad out the animal's structure with newspaper wads.
Do the legs last and place over the top of the body. Making your box Stage 15 Papiermache the cardboard animal Use paper strips.
Use scissor hands to get excess paste off. Make sure you smooth down the paper so you do not have any parts sticking up or creases. Peer Assessment Add 2 good things about their work and 1 thing they can improve on. Tick the appropriate box

Have they improved their work and met your target?
Or do they need more time? Peer Assessment Self Evaluation and Target setting Write 1 thing that has worked well so far
with your box

Add 1 or 2 targets to meet during the
rest of the lesson. Making your box Stage 16 Painting your animal Paint a base coat and add
shading under the animal and
at the joint of the limbs. Add markings to your animal. Making your box Stage 17 Your finished box Glue your animal with dollops of PVA in front of the middleground.
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