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Kaddo's Wall

" Don't build a wall of flour around your house"

Angeline Teo

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Kaddo's Wall

Kaddo's Wall
There's a leader in the town of Tendella named Kaddo, that always harvests too much corn each year. He doesn't know what to do with the corn. So, he asks the people of Tendella.
My right is different from yours"
Kaddo does not like the idea of giving his corn to the less fortunate people, and decides to build a wall of flour. The people of Tendella say that it is against humanity. " Corn is to eat, so that you may keep alive."
Kaddo ordered young girls to make mortar and bricks so he could build a wall of flour. Once it was built, Kaddo admired it and when ever they wanted to enter or talk, he'd sit on his wall and would listen.
Long after, Kaddo's fields
failed and he started to get very
hungry. He knew he couldn't count
on the people of Tendella because of
how rude he was to them. He ate his
wall and had no choice but
to get help from Sogole from
the town of Ganna.
Once Kaddo explained his problem, he got a load of corn to plant. Back at his home, instead he ate all the corn Sogole gave him, which he was supposed to plant. Long after, he had no food and died.
Why isn't Kaddo able to stop himself from eating the corn?
Is there such thing as " Too much?"

By: Angeline Teo:)
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