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Gotta Catch all of the OTMs

No description

Emma Nelson

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Gotta Catch all of the OTMs

Gotta Catch all of the OTMs
How to Get Started
Submitting and OTM/pokemon is easy all it takes are 5 simple steps!
How to officially catch your pokemon
Find a person, place, program, or thing that you think is amazing that month
Write down a few reasons why you think they/it stands out
Ex: Ash thinks Pikachu is the best pokemon ever! So, he jots down a few notes on how Pikachu is loyal, a great friend, and is always ready for every pokemon battle.
1. Go to "otms/nrhh.com"
Of the Month Nominations
2. Click on what OTM category you want.
3. Select your school ( Utah State)
4. Fill in all of your pokemon info
5. Write about 250+ words about your "pokemon" and click submit.
Don't be Snorlax and write those OTMs
Why would you want to collect all the OTMs?
Recognition is never a bad thing
School pride!
Win prizes!!!
Possible Prizes!
Top OTM of the month
Daimond Paperweight
Write 1 or more OTMs a month
OTM Pizza Party!
Write at least 1 OTM that semester
You will be invited to the OTMees
First Off: How to Sign Up!
Second: Click on
"Create Account"
Third: Select your University "Utah State"
Fourth: Fill in your Info!
On to the
Writing Section!!!

Special Reminders
Make sure that everything you talk about is month specific
The more detailed you are the better
Don't forget to add the email of your nominee
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