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physiological demands of badminton

No description

Cristen Callow

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of physiological demands of badminton

Hallam Badminton BADMINTON alexmarritt@hotmail.co.uk Fastest racket sport in the world , shuttles reach speeds in excess of 200mph

Second biggest sport in world, behind soccer

Mens singles final - highest viewing figures
in London 2012 Team squad = approx 40
Performance squad = 12

Focus Sport status (mens 1sts)

Previously in top 4 universities for team champs

Currently top 8

Junior Development Academy
(includes team GB players) Badminton @ Hallam multi sprint sport - repeated intervals approx 8-15 seconds

aerobic vs anaerobic Physiological demands October - March

Current phase = training for individual champs

focus of training -
on court - technical + plyometric
off court - strength + aerobic BUCs Team Feel free to come and see us in action! Structure... Best of 3 games to 21 points, rally scoring

1 set lasts between 10 and 20 mins

Approx 50% spent in play rallying (compared to approx 12% for tennis)

Court dimensions = 13.4m x 6.1m BUCS Team matches

8 matches
(4 singles, 4 doubles)

6 players
(each plays twice) Individual Champs

Largest tournament in UK

256 knockout draw
(Over 600 entries) Movement multi directional highly explosive

single & double footed jumps lunging

predominantly lateral push off Muscular demands Lower body power essential

Core strength for agility, balance and production of power

Forearm rotation conditioning injuries! Acute injuries to lower limbs & back

Overuse injuries to knees & shoulders Badminton Calender! International All year competition programmetypically 2 peak cycle

Training phase 4-6 weeks
Competition phase 2 weeks Training Schedule
(performance squad) Monday On court physical/technical - 2hours
Tuesday Match play - 1 1/2 hours S&C - 1hour
Wednesday BUCS matches
Thursday On court physical/technical - 2hours S&C - 1hour
Friday Rest day
Saturday National competition (tournaments/county)
Sunday On court Hallam squad - 2hours Alex Marritt - Head Coach
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