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Tuesday, Nov 8th 2016

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Tuesday, Nov 8th 2016

1. Bell Ringer: Graded Assignment 5 (15 min)
2. Vocal Warm Up - 5 warm ups for healthy singing (10 min)
3. Class Riddle (5 min)
4. Rehearse 1 song - record another song and improve tone (10 min)
5. Rehearse 1 song - analyze recording from yesterday, write down measure numbers with your comments (for example, in m.42 we sang very blended, or in m.67 the altos were singing the wrong notes) (10 min)
6. Random YouTube Video (1 min)
7. Rehearse 1 song - A ccapella (5 min)
8. Homework - Record 6 min practicing our concert songs
Please Graded Assignment 5
Vocal Warm Up
Vocal Warm Up
Class Riddle
Please don't say your answer out loud. Take two minutes for everyone to think.
30 min of HW practice due Sun
Bring permission slip and $60 tomorrow for WFC fundraiser
$310 Ireland Payment Due Next Tues 11/15
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