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Agrochemistry and Agrochemicals

My project for science class about the work field of Agrochemistry.

Nelida Pranson

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Agrochemistry and Agrochemicals

Agrochemistry And Agrochemicals Because of it changing the chemical structure of things, it harms the environment when it comes to things like reproduction or even just remaining alive. Agrochemistry is almost always beneficial to the consumer. The environment does not always benefit though. Agrochemicals help humans to control the chemical composition of their crops, livestock, etc. The scientific study of agrochemicals on crops and livestock. Examples of these agrochemicals are:
Liming and acidifying agents
Soil conditioners
Chemicals used for animal husbandry Agrochemistry is used to figure out how to change the chemical make up in a way that will benefit the consumer. Specifically, it studies the chemical make up of plants and animals in the agriculture. It can be non beneficial to humans. Usually, it is just as simple as not tasting good. What it used to change the composition of the agriculture are the agrochemicals. Agrochemistry has become necessary for humans because of the increased size of farms, plantationcs, and other agricultural outlets. Picture time!
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