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The Bases of Human Attraction

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Ripley Ahlborn

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Bases of Human Attraction

The Bases of Human Attraction A presentation by
Alan, CJ, and Ripley Proximity Similarity Situations Perceived Reciprocity of Liking Self-Esteem! Anxiety Basic human need for acceptance (Maslow)
More important than attitude similarity?
Example - Club Position
1) Self-worth
2) Complimenting reBOUND PHENOMENON But are we right? Studies indeed confirm this phenomenon... The Truth assortive mating:
age, education, ethnicity, race, religion, SES, attitudes, opinions, worldviews, verbal abilities, ingenuousness, extroversion, and degree of quarrelsomeness "An agreeable person is a person who agrees with me." - Benjamin Disraeli Do you think opposites attract?

Why? What is it? The geographic closeness from one person to another. Romance? Factors associated:
Reciprocal liking
Desirability of the other
Exposure and social appropriateness If you are not within reasonable distance of another person, you are quite unlikely to meet and become friends. Friendships and intimate relationships are often ruined by physical separation.

Relationships that continue in spite of this usually do because of the great rewards that come from them.

Proximity intensifies liking because opportunities for communication increase

Do you think if we realize we are going to be in very close proximity to someone that we tend to minimize or overlook their undesirable traits? Reality orientation - clarity
Acceptance - "c'est la vie"
Autonomy - responsibility
Principle-centered - integrity
Connection - empathy High-anxiety situations create more intense desires for affiliation Shared unpleasant experiences = unification
Example? Isolation Because of the need for interaction, when we are deprived of this, we start to override our standards for "acceptable" friends. Prolonged isolation is almost always unpleasant and detrimental to our condition However! This link between similarity and attraction is based on perceived similarity!
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