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A Clockwork Orange

Becky Cabral and Adi Flores

Becky Cabral

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of A Clockwork Orange

Do you believe that humans are born evil and need rules and societal pressures to be good? Or do you believe that humans are born good, but are then influenced by society to do what is considered wrong and inhuman? The author uses the language of Nadsat, a Russian slang that is used by the teenagers. Alex - main character, 1st person unreliable
"Alex's Droogs" - his gang
F. Alexander - victim who later seeks revenge
Dr. Brodsky- scientist A Clockwork Orange is a story set future England. It's about good and evil and the meaning of human freedom. Ludovico Technique A process of behavioral modification used to force criminals to reform.

"Stop the film! Please, please stop it! I cant stand it anymore" (Burgess 118).

Significance: It shows the contradictions between the beliefs of whether a society is better off controlled by the government completely and the belief that people should be able to have free will and have individuality. The Cyclical Theory The idea that man goes through a phase of being violent, growing up, then realizing what he had done was wrong and learning from his past.

"But then I knew he would not want to understand at all and would do all the veshches I had done... and I would not be able to stop him. And nor would he be able to stop his own son, brothers" (Burgess 211).

Significance: This idea shows that people go through different phases as they mature and have the power to change and leave their old ways. Structuralism Burgess set up the book in three parts each seven chapters adding up to 21 total. This is significant because the author states that 21 is the symbol of human maturity and was previously the voting age.

According to Hong Liu, “Alex goes from being the victimizer to being the victim, a willful agent of evil to deterministic subject of good, and then from the forced and mechanical good man to the natural and mature good man.” (Liu 2010) Mimesis The idea of a controlled and safe society is a theme of ACO. What Burgess is trying to reflect is the belief that we want more from the government, but giving them too much power may backfire and end up harming us.

"... I think you can help dislodge this overbearing Government. To turn a decent young man into a piece of clockwork should not, surely, be seen as any triumph for any government..." (Burgess 175). "What's it going to be then, eh?" Every Section of the book, Alex starts the first chapter of with this question, repeating at least three times.

In the beginning it seems as if its insignificant because the question is towards what he was planning that night or what drink he was having.
As the story goes on the question grows to be significant because he is now being faced with decisions that are life changing. The idea that a person’s existence and freedom is based upon the choices they make themselves in life with a series of different actions.

Hong Liu agrees when he writes, " So human being must strive to gain the authentic being through free choice. If Alex is deprived of the capability of moral choice by science, he appears to be a "clockwork orange" ( Liu 2010). In A Clockwork Orange the protagonist was forcefully changed from being rebellious and evil to unwillingly being good using classical and operant conditioning.

Human free will is fundamental, but so is the safety of a society. When an individual becomes too dangerous society may need to find a way to control them, but without taking away their rights.

Ludovico's Technique and Cyclical Theory were some of the events that Alex had to go through in his journey and transformation. There are also many lenses and ideas that give A Clockwork Orange it's significance. "I was cured alright..." Throughout Alex's journey he went through the Ludovico's Technique and Cyclical Theory, which forcefully changed him into someone he was not. Despite of all he went through, Alex himself chose to become good in the end when given back his free will.

"And all it was was that i was young. But now as I end this story, brothers, I am not young, not no longer, oh no. Alex like groweth up, oh yes." (Burgess 212).

In making this point, Alex proves that he's aware that his actions before were wrong. But with experience and growing up, he matured and became what others wanted him to be all along, without being manipulated. What's it about? By: Adi Flores and Becky Cabral Burgess was influenced by both his
personal experiences and other
writers as well like T.S. Eliot in
his writing Joyce’s Ulysses. Existentialism A Clockwork Orange influenced individuals to believe what Burgess personally believed was right and wrong. With the use of the first person narrator and the Nasdat language, readers are forced to feel sympathy for the main character and connect with him, despite his violent and evil acts. Influences symbols Symbols
Milk, darkness/daylight, a clockwork toy A Clockwork Orange THE END Thank you for listening.
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