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Biomes for Hong Kong

No description

shanika king

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Biomes for Hong Kong

Land Biomes
Tropical rain forest
Hong Kong Straddles between the tropics and the temperate region
Biome Climate
The climate of Hong Kong's biome is Sub-tropical
Dominate plant life
120 orchids
Over 300 native tree species
Land Animal
Reptile: King Cobra... One of the most vemonous snakes in the world
Bird: Eastern Grass Owl facedisc is white for males or a fawn-coloured wash for most females
Mammal: Pandas are an endangered species
Amphibian: Giant Spiny frog's natural habitat is sick holes
Characteristics of Biome
Much Rainfall because of the sub-tropical zone
Inspiration lake is an exapmle of a water biome, but it is an artificial lake.
Latitude and elevation
Latitude: 22°17′07″ N
Longitude: 114°09′27″ E
Elevation above sea level: 3 m= 09ft
Fun Fact
Biomes for Hong Kong
By:Shanika King

Water Quality
Water Biome
Characteristics of Biome
Hong Kong's Disneyland was the Walt Disney Company's 11th theme park and fifth theme park and resort worldwide.
Wah mei Shan river
Hong Kong's steep terrain and high summer rainfall mean that there are many rivers, streams and concrete-lined channels.
No salinity
The Index monitors the level of dissolved oxygen, 5-day biochemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen content in our waterways.
Low dissolved oxygen can be harmful to most aquatic life.
Dominant Plant life
Water animals
Fun Fact
Hong Kong Orchid Tree
The Inspiration Lake was created near the Hong Kong Disneyland Amusement Park
There are many positive and public opinions about the lake
Koi fish
The rivers are constantly being filled by rainfall
Green Turtle
Indo-pacific Humpback Dolphin
Button Bush
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