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Directed Motivational Currents in ESL contexts

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Jessica Florent

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Directed Motivational Currents in ESL contexts

Gardner and Lambert, 1959
L2 motivation
Dornyei's L2 Motivational Self-System (2001, 2005)
Possible selves
Muir and Dornyei, 2013
Directed Motivational Currents
Do you think you have ever been part of a DMC?
DMCs in the L2 Classroom
Jessica Florent
An investigation into Directed Motivational Currents in the Australian ESL context
Future ideal L2 self
the successful,
fluent in a second language self
it gives us incentive,
impetus for action,
it initiates self-regulatory strategies
Markus and Ruvolo 2006
"Imagining actions through elaborated possible selves achieving the desired goal may facilitate the translation of goals into nintentions and instrumental actions"
L2 Motivation in relation to self and identity
Ought-to self
The expectations others have of us
Affects our intented efforts to learn but
does not
effect our language proficiency
L2 Learning experience
classroom dynamics
teacher's motivational practices
student motivated behaviour
Vision of a future self
A clear starting point
frequent subgoals
A well-defined final goal
- a language learning task
- a project
- a study-abroad program
My proposal
To research the use of DMCs in the Australian ESL context
What are the experiences of Australian ESL teachers with DMCs?
- Have they ever created one in a classroom?
-What do they see as the advantages and disadvantages of aiming to create DMCs?
Expected outcomes
ESL teachers
Australian university setting
Follow up semi-structured interviews
Analysis: amount of experience, types of experience, logistical concerns
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