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Business Plan

No description

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

The Pitch
Market Research
Target Customer
Results from initial questionnaire
18-38 year old
Gap in the market in Men's Phone cases
Demand for simple, sophisticated cases
Competitive pricing
Cases with added features e.g Wallet built in
Sophisticated style
Middle range income
Looking for a stylish phone case
Owns an iphone
Stylish Evolution.
Competitive Shop
Market Stalls
Aimed predominantly at girls
Target 15-30 year old's
Prices between £12 and £30
High Quality
Novelty designs
Catered for all smart phones

Simple designs
Priced between £5 to £15
Aimed at men and women of all ages
Low quality
All smart phones catered for
Prices start as low as £1.99- £15
Large number of sellers
Broad target customers, styles and materials
Cater for all smart phones
Breakdown of Unit Costs
Cardholder Iphone Case

RRP £7.50

Profit Per Unit £4.95
Profit Margin (%) 66%

Cardholder cases- £90.58
Customs- £18
Labels- £3.94
Graphic designer- £15
Total: £127.52
Therefore unit cost= £2.55
Leather Wallet Iphone Case

RRP £9.99

Profit Per Unit £6.45
Profit Margin (%) 64.5%

Leather Wallet cases- £110.30
Customs- £22
Labels- £3.94
Graphic Designer- £15
Embossing Stamp- £26.14
Total: £177.38
Therefore unit cost= £3.55
£350 has been invested into the business project. Each stakeholder has invested £100. An investor has given £50.
Future Products
Current Products
Mix of well known brands and lesser know
High quality
Ranges from around £6-£70
Mix of plain cases, gadget cases, leather cases, patterned cases etc
Selling Platforms
Market Stalls
Design Focused
Ape Themed
Memory Stick Phone Cases
Stylish Evolution
Interested in cases
with gadgets
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