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SFIHS Energy Project

No description

Tara Lehman

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of SFIHS Energy Project

SFIHS Energy Project
What is Energy?
Energy is what makes things (matter) do work.
*Air conditioners
What happens if we use too much energy?
We create
air pollution
when we use energy!
*Global Warming
*Animals and plants (species) die or go extinct
*More diseases
*More flooding because glaciers (ice) will melt.
*Droughts (plants will die)

It costs
*Energy in SF comes from non-renewable resources, which are expensive!
What does the school get if we save energy?

* SFUSD will give us 1/2 the money we save by using less energy back to our school!
How can we save energy at school?
1) Turn off the lights
2) Turn off and unplug your computer
3) Make sure the teacher turns off and unplugs the projector.
4) Don't charge appliances (like your phone or computer) unless they are dead).
5) Close the door to keep in heat.
Thank you!
Thank you for helping to CREATE CHANGE in our school COMMUNITY!
We need your help!
By Eco Club
We need your advisory to make sure we use less energy!

*One energy checker in each advisory, will have sheets to do checks when your advisory room is saving energy.
-Choose an E-checker who is in your advisory room 6th period.
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