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wes's cooking career

No description

wesley clark

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of wes's cooking career

Double click anywhere & add an idea What school suject do u excel in?
Wahat subject do u want to most inprove in? what activities are
you involved in at school
or in the community? Who are two people
you talk about what you want
to do in the future? Head Chef What are you considering doing after you graduate? 2 classes i feel most comfable
in is health and calanary arts.
The subject i mostly
improve in is probly
yta ( community servce

Im in a community service class
called YTA in witch that class goes to
tryon creek and johnson creek and what i plan on doing
when i graduate highschool
is to goto culinary school

A A A A A How do people become a head
chef? fiirst goto culinary school for 2-4 years. First u become a chef
then learn the tricks of the trade and
how to perpare food and become
an apprentice to an chef in an restrant.

1 2 3 4 5 1 A full service head chef
makes up 36,700 in a
Full-service restaurant. The working environment
at a restaurant can be eather fast pase or slow pase. Every one thats employed required to be clean and sanitary. kitchens include slips and falls, cuts, and burns, but these injuries are seldom serious. The cooks r under a lot of
pressure because all the meals they have to make in a certen of mount of time. 2 big advantages a head chef has is to be able to make there own food and work pretty much in any restruant. 2 disadvantages are working all the time
and being very tierd after a long day of cooking The different schools u can go to for being a head chef is LE
cordon bleu, artinstitute ,culinary colleges and stuff like that. teachers
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