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Ancient Chinese Horse Collar

No description

Annabelle Mill

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Horse Collar

Ancient Chinese Horse Collar
When was the horse collar and harnessing system first created/made?
Throat and girth system
4th century BCE trace harness was invented
3rd century BCE collar harness was invented
Horse collars found in Qin Tombs
Why was the horse collar invented?
Horse collar is very effecient
Could pull heavier loads
Replaced un-effecient throat and girth system
Who were the main individuals or groups involved in the creation of the horse collar?
Currently unknown
How the horse collar was made and with what materials?
Leather covered "sausage"
Padded wooden saddle
Breeching strap
How did the horse collar contribute to the Ancient Chinese society and what purpose did it serve?
Work opportunities
Does it tell anything about that period in China's history and if so, what?
Valued agriculture
Innovative and creative population
What other inventions did the horse collar possibly lead to?
Heavier farming equipment
Didn't lead to any other harnessing equipment
My Model!
My own photos

Trace harness
Q1. What were the predecessors of the modern horse collar?

Q2. Name five parts of the horse collar

Q3. What other harnessing system did the horse collar lead to?
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