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No description

Anisah Madera

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of smile

smile and make the world happy
always smile if there is nobody else smiling you show them the right thing to do.You can make someones day
help the people around you to smile and they will help the people around them
and then the whole world will smile
just because of you.
stop frowning and put a smile on your face . We don't won't to frown on a good day and if its a bad day. Like If its a rainy day you need to be cool you could be playing in it.
what happens when you smile
always smile
never have a frown
stop doing this and do....
this great smile

turn this world to a smile
what happens when you smile is you light up the world to a smile place.
when you smile you turn the world to a smile and space will shine of smiles
when you smile to people you are telling people i am having a nice day so don't make me mad,sad or nurvest
Be a happy snow man/or women
can you always be happy cause i can ?can yo be frosty the snowman ? He was melting and he still had a smile on his snow face
never stop smiling
if you stop smiling i will find out were you live and show you why you need to smile if you don't listen to me see what will happen in the future the world depends on our smiles. save our world by a smile.
be this snow man
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