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No description

Diego Lira

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Ungifted

Ungifted Book Report
By Diego Lira

Meanwhile, Dr. Schultz is trying to remember Donovan's name. Donovan steals a motor from the custodians floor polisher to replace the Tin Man's broken one. He takes a retest, and would have flunked it, but someone hacks the computer and does the test for him. Dr. Schultz finally finds Donovan, and he has to clean up the gym. He is transferred back to his old school. He goes to the robot championship and Tin Man gets into the finals. Then, one team cheats, by pushing Tin Man out of the way. Donovan takes the controls, and destroys that other team's robot.
By Gordan Korman
Donovan Curtis IQ:112
He has Blue eyes and is known for making pranks. He is also good with a joystick.
The Protagonist
Dr. Schultz IQ:127
He is the superintendent of the Hardcastle Independent School District. He has one rule as superintendent: No screw-ups. He catches Donovan when Donovan accidentally destroys the Gym, but he forgets Donovan's name
The Antagonist
The main setting is the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. That is where Donovan is sent by accident by Dr. Schultz. Some other settings are at his old school, the robot competition, and at his home
Point of View and the conflicts in this book

This book is in first person point of view but it is told from different characters' points of view. The types of conflicts in this book are character vs. self, character vs. character, and character vs. society. One example of character vs. society is when Donovan tries to name the class robot, he is contradicted by the class and told no. The robot is named anyway. It is named Tin Man.
While pulling a prank at his school basketball game- saying over the PA system "Our fans are great, are team is nifty, we're going to get blown out by fifty" - he hits a statue and it breaks the school gym.
Dr. Schultz catches Donovan, and writes his name on a paper. Little does he know he wrote it on a paper that was a list of new students that will go to the Academy for Scholastic Distinction. So, Donovan is sent there. It is a great hideout, but sooner or later, someone is going to figure out he is not gifted. In the meantime, he names the class robot and saves some of the students from summer school. In the middle school dance,(which got transferred to the ASD because Donovan destroyed the gym at his other school), some kids from his old school destroy the Robot's/Tin Man's motor.
I agree with the resolution because Tin Man gets his revenge when the other team cheats. Donovan goes back to his school, but something else happens, I won't spoil it. I would have changed the ending to make it a tie between the ASD and Cold Spring Harbor, the team that cheated, so there would be a sequel.
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