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No More Independent Reading Without Support

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Julia Jones

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of No More Independent Reading Without Support

Is there enough time? And Is this Time Enough to Support Independent Reading?
Section 1: NOT THIS
The CCSS explicitly call for students to be able to "read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently"

"If our goal (as teachers) is for our students to read independently, then we have to make it a practice that happens during class time" (16.)

It is important to figure out the important "Just-Right" time for independent reading within your classroom. This is based on the readers proficiency levels.

"Letting kids chose what to read motivates them to read even when it is not required" (19.)

Vary the genres, the level of texts, type of texts
Section 3: But That
Discussion about -
What Happened in the text
something exciting they want to share
- can be done during morning meeting
Lining up to go to special
packing up to go home
during reading block
DEAR time
Section 2: Why Not? What Works?
Why Independent Reading Matters and the Best Practices to Support it
Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss
No More Independent Reading Without Support
Finding Time in the day- time is wasted on "activities"
morning meeting
morning announcements
lining up
reading block, students are doing things about reading rather then actually reading- prep time to teach materials, centers, guided readings, worksheets,
Independent reading can help a students':
oral reading accuracy
increase reading rate
improve reading rate
improve reading expression
increase reading comprehension
students who read independently for an hour a day scored in the 98th percentile for standardized tests
Many teachers are not doing IR reading in the classroom because there is no time. And the teachers who are teaching DEAR and SSR in the day only participate in the practice because they learned it while they were in school so they believe it needs to be done. They do not have a real understanding behind the benefits.
An Instructional Framework for Supporting Classroom Independent Reading
A student needs explicit instruction and guidance to help ensure they are taking away from their reading. Teachers as well need to assess and discuss with their students what they are reading.
A recommended day in the Reading Block
Provide a Focus Lesson
Allow Students to spend time reading and practice what their teacher has just shown them how to do
right after IR, come back together to share their reflections about their readings and what they learned about themselves as readers for that day, and particularly for how it connects to that lesson
Other Aspects to Focus on in Reading Lessons
keep students reading authentic, and making connections to the world.
guide them how to make book selections
demonstrate how to make meaning in what they are reading and how to infer

9 Tactics Teachers can use to Keep Things Hopping During Independent Reading
Get Books in their hands
Organize your books for easy access
Start with small chunks of classroom IR time
Monitor IR
Differentiate instruction and create accountability through conferring
Use a catch to refocus the group
Invite students to reflect on and share their learning
Use partner reading and book clubs to get students talking and reading independently
Access students' progress as independent readers
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